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Lion and Unicorn: Combining your magic with your power


This Activation unleashes your inherent magic together with your power. The Lion represents Power and the Unicorn represents Magic. This energy helps you reclaim both of your power and magic, so you’ll be able to play full out right here and now, in this lifetime on this planet.

If you look at the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom, you’ll find that the Unicorn is chained while the Lion is free.

The Lion brings the energy of Power, Freedom, Strength, and Majesty. The Unicorn, on the other hand, brings the energy of Magic, Miracles, Manifestation, and Spiritual Sight.

This Activation will unleash the magical energy of the Unicorn within you and combine it with the powerful energy of the Lion, allowing you to unleash your gifts, skills, and capabilities, so you can fully engage in life and live your dreams and purpose.

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