Central Sun: Connect to the power of “I AM THAT I AM”


This Activation connects you to the energy of the Central Sun, which is the great energy of “I AM THAT I AM.” Connecting to this energy allows you to open up to the light and power within you and move you to a level of consciousness and awareness that you are the Source.


The Sun is like the battery of the Universe. It is inherently connected to the Light of the Source Energy. Our Central Sun is the seat of consciousness for our solar system and the power source of all existence within our universe. Its energy extends unto every human, every animal, every plant, every element upon the Earth that is vibrant with life.

Because the Central Sun is the connection to Source Energy for all conscious existence within our universe, connecting to its energy connects you to the Source within you, tapping into the power of “I AM THAT I AM” — the Source is you, and you are it.

I AM THAT I AM holds such immense power. It is the statement of God’s presence within you.

Running the Central Sun Activation helps you connect to this great divine power within you. Remember, whatever you attach to “I AM”, you become.

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