Caste System Money: Release judgments based on money


Do you judge people based on their material wealth? Do you judge yourself for not having enough resources and money? Do you believe that those who have money are better than those who have not? Are you poverty-conscious?


This Activation releases you from any subconscious programs about judging yourself and others based on money. It works on your tendency to see people positively or negatively relative to their material possessions, as well as on your tendency to feel better or worse about yourself based on what you have and have not.

Receiving this energy helps you to:

– Stop categorizing people based on the amount of money they make and interact with everyone with a spirit of equality and respect.
– Let go of any programs and judgments about money, including the beliefs that money is the root of evil, money is challenging to get, or wanting more money is greedy.
– Shift into abundance consciousness that allows you to feel grateful, worthy, and enough, no matter what your financial circumstances are.

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