Bleeding Heart: Stop taking on other’s feelings


This Activation enables you to detach from the troubles, sorrow, and suffering of other people and the world, so you’re allowing yourself to wholly send love, compassion, and healing while still keeping your boundaries.

You can only truly help others when you are not consumed by their pain and suffering. It is important that you establish a healthy non-attachment to what’s going on with the people around you, with the communities you belong to, with your country, and with the whole world.

Bleeding Heart Activation enables you to:

– Understand that it is not your responsibility to save the world and to fix the world’s problems.
– Help others while honoring and protecting yourself by being clear and consistent with your boundaries.
– Stop taking on other people’s emotional baggage.
– Discern people’s intentions when they come to you and assert your boundaries without guilt.
– Send love and healing to the world without being attached to the collective suffering.

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