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Black Magic Puppet Master Activation: Protect yourself from dark energies


Do you feel like someone has been sending you extremely negative energy or has been using black energy on you? Do you feel like you are being afflicted by the “Evil Eye” or dark vibrations from another person?

This Activation protects you from the attacks and influence of dark energies that are trying to control you. These dark energies are the negative powers that people send towards you through their desirous and predatory thoughts, envious thoughts, evil intentions, or black magic.

Receiving this energy helps you:

– Protect yourself from psychic attacks, ill intentions, malevolent thoughts, black magic, or other forms of negative energies that people may send towards you, intentionally or unintentionally.
– Keep your own power by not letting negative people manipulate, control, and own you and your energy.
– Be filled with light, love, and blessings, so the attacker can’t harm and influence you and so you can send light and healing to their darkness.

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