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Being Indebted: Do you feel you owe anything to anyone?


Do you feel that you owe people an explanation for your priorities, for where you spend your time and energy, or for your preferences and life choices? Do you feel you owe people an apology for choosing a life path that you’re not sorry for?

This Activation releases the feeling of being indebted to anybody for anything. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, even to your family, for how you choose to live your life. You don’t need to justify your life goals, your dreams, or your chosen career. You don’t owe anyone your time, energy, words, or favors.

When you don’t feel you owe anything to anyone, you’re allowing yourself:

– To validate your feelings without feeling guilty for communicating your needs, wishes, fears, or insecurities.
– To respect your inner voice and honoring your boundaries.
– To prioritize your well-being first – it’s not selfish.

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