Are You a Target: Release the fear of being targeted by people


Do you feel you’re a target? Do you feel you are being targeted with hatred, ridicule, or rage because of your faith, beliefs, abilities, or gifts?

Many people in history have been a target and have died for their beliefs and abilities to change the world. Jesus died for bringing people to God. Joan of Arc died fighting for peace for her country. Martin Luther King Jr. died for freedom and equality.

If you want to be a part of healing the masses and waking up people to their power, this Activation will help you:

– Release the fear of being a target, get attacked, and get killed for your beliefs, gifts, and abilities.
– Release the need to die to get your message out to the world.

You can change the world with your gifts and abilities without living in fear of people’s mockery, anger, or rage. You can change the world without getting attacked and killed in the process.

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