Anger and Resentment Towards God: Do you blame God?


Are you holding anger, bitterness, and resentment towards God because of all the misfortunes and tragedies that have gone through in your life? Did you blame God when you suffered from immense loss and grief?

Some of us resent God for our painful experiences. When we feel helpless, wronged, or abandoned, we become angry with God. Every time bad things happen, this resentment grows.

Anger and resentment keep you from trusting and believing that God/Universe/Source always align you to your highest and greatest good. These feelings will only block your power to create miracles and your knowing that you are always supported.

This Activation will release you from your anger and resentment towards God, Life, the World, and everything you go through in all your lifetimes. This addresses your issues at a deepest level, including those beliefs you have formed in those times when you are feeding on anger, hate, and resentment.

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