Alchemy of the 5th Dimension: Shift to 5D Consciousness


This Activation connects you to your heart space and into the Fifth Dimension of unconditional love, limitless abundance, pure creation, and Christ consciousness. This is a very high-vibrational energy that shifts you in all levels and lines you up to the 5D Consciousness where you can manifest with your thoughts and emotions.

In the 5D state of consciousness, manifestations and creations happen super fast, because the filters, limitations, and illusions of the 3D Consciousness are no longer there.

The more you connect to the fifth-dimensional energy, the more you experience profound shifts in every area in your life, because you will be clearing your 3D subconscious programs that don’t align to this energy, including your belief systems, fears, conditioning, and constructs.

As you begin to embody this energy after a few sessions of deep cleansing, you’ll begin to notice that miracles keep coming into your life.

It will then be easier for you to attract and manifest your desires through your thoughts, because you are no longer limited by the illusion of time and space and because you trust in the knowing that everything in this world is energy and consciousness.


As with the Alchemy of the 3rd and 4th Dimension, listen to this Activation ONLY when you’ve done with the first 12 Foundation Activations. If you do this Activation before the other, it may either be too much for you or you will simply not benefit from it.

Please also ensure you process the **Alchemy of the Fourth Dimension** before processing this Activation.

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