Alchemy of the 4th Dimension: Connect with lost loved ones


This Activation frees you of any fears and limiting beliefs associated with the fourth dimension and the spirit realm. It collapses the veil between our world and the fourth dimension, allowing you to see, hear, feel, and talk with your passed loved ones.


Our fears and beliefs often hinder us from communicating with those who have passed away. This Activation frees you from those fears and beliefs.

This raises your vibration and consciousness to align you in the 4th Dimension, so you will be open to receiving messages, information, guidance, or even having a conversation with your ancestors and passed loved ones.

The more you connect to this energy, the easier it is for you to trust your abilities to talk with the spirits.


Listen to this Activation ONLY when you’ve done with the first 12 Foundation Activations. If you do this Activation before the other, it may either be too much for you or you will simply not benefit from it.

Please also ensure you process the **Alchemy of the Third Dimension** before processing this Activation.

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