Age Reversal: Shift your aging beliefs


Do you believe that older adults can’t learn new things? Do you believe that certain diseases come as you age? Do you blame the aging process for exhibiting certain behaviors, such as forgetfulness, angry outburst, or rigidity? This Activation clears negative aging beliefs and releases you from collective consciousness about aging.

There are more than 400 studies about the impact of an individual’s internalized beliefs about aging on your general health and wellbeing.

In our culture, aging beliefs are huge belief programs that are predominantly negative. This Activation clears your beliefs, assumptions, and negative responses to the aging process.

Receiving this Activation helps you to:

– Disconnect from the collective consciousness about aging and clear the program of negative beliefs that come with it;
– Remove the aging gene and replace it with the youth gene, allowing you to live with the light and spirit of being ageless; and
– Become aware of your own age beliefs and strengthen positive age beliefs.

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