Activating Your 12 Light Bodies: Expand to your highest divine self


This Activation awakens your 12 Light Bodies and activate their highest functions. When activated, your Light Bodies assist you in your spiritual expansion and in your alignment with your highest divine state.

Your Light Body is a crystalline energy structure surrounding your physical body. It is comprised of multiple layers of your energetic body, including the etheric layer, emotional layer, and mental layer.

The more you connect to this sacred energy, the more you activate your Light Bodies. When your Light Bodies are activated:

– You restore energetic balance to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functioning, allowing you to hold higher frequencies of light in your body.
– You begin to resonate with universal energies and higher dimensional states of consciousness and perception.
– You align yourself with your Higher Self and connect with the whole you— being in the flow, harmony, and unity with your self and all creation.

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