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26 Foundations Activations: With Video and Audio


Includes 5 extra bonus activations – God Codes, Illumination, Collective wound release, Sacred Sexuality and Mary Magdalene.

Activations are;

  1. Lord Metatron – This activation brings the sacred geometric codes for the tetrahedron into your DNA. This information from the 6th Plane will activate your 18 strands of DNA and accelerate their evolution to the new, crystalline form. It will increase your awareness of and communication with the higher realms. It will also enable you to navigate Earth’s changes with greater ease and allow you to be in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd-dimensional planet.
  2. Tree of Life/Moses Codes – The Moses Codes repair and activate the energetic lines of your Tree of Life. This rejuvenates the mind and body—recharges cells, improves cognition and memory, and increases energy. With this activation, you will begin to look and feel more vibrant. It will also make it easier for you to focus on your dreams and make them a reality.
  3. Avebury/Stonehenge – This increases your healing and intuitive abilities. It allows you to more easily communicate with your Higher-Self, guides, angels, and the Creator. It also amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience, which will make it possible for you to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.
  4. Christ Consciousness/Flower of Life – This heart-healing activation reconnects the two heart chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th-dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life. The Christ Consciousness energy will help to bring you into a state of non-judgment and love for yourself, which will enable you to accept and love others.
  5. Super DNA – The Super DNA activation improves your DNA so that it matches the new evolved generation that is coming onto the planet at this time. When children who were born with AIDS were activated and their progress tracked and retested some years later, it was found that the AIDS disease was gone and their DNA had been changed to a “Super DNA.” This upgrades your DNA with four more codons evolving it into a form that scientists say makes a person 3,000 times less likely to get a disease or illness.
  6. Mother Earth – Clear old belief patterns that block you from moving forward and helps you step into your power to help yourself and humanity. Mother Earth connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home: Mother Earth.  It helps ground you and centers you in the knowing that we are all connected;  it connects you to the fairies, trees, flowers, and water, and brings you closer to our animal friends. To connect to your Higher Self, it’s important to first connect to Mother Earth. This will ground and connect you into the heart of Mother Earth, allowing you to feel her abundant love. It will strengthen your ability to communicate with the natural elements of this wonderful planet, with animals and with elemental beings, such as fairies. It will allow you to feel the unity of all that exists in your realm and to be more fully present in your body while also connecting to your Higher-Self.
  7. Mother Mary – This activation provides awareness of others’ inability to love and a clear understanding of who they are on all levels. When you are brought into the awareness of a mother’s love and clear beliefs that block your ability to love others in the world, you achieve a state of love for everyone without judgment. This activation encompasses you in the warmth, love, and nurture of Mother Mary’s energy. This activation assists with releasing old sorrows, sadness, loss, loneliness and realigns you in sacred love for yourself, loved ones and friendships. It enhances your connectivity with the earth and raises your vibration to connect with loving and nurturing relationships in the here and now. This is the next level from the Christ Consciousness activation so you will need to have completed that one before taking this activation.
  8. Family Constellation – This clears your anger, resentment, judgment, guilt, and hatred toward your family members. It will help you to more easily forgive them for hurtful words and actions and allow you to give and receive familial love.
  9. Original Light Language – This activation connects you to the Original Light Language, which is from the highest Angels (The Seraphim Angels). This energy helps you to be true to yourself and to stay in your power during conflicts with others. It releases you from the trauma of what others are experiencing, allowing you to maintain emotional autonomy in order to observe without becoming attached. It also bestows the feeling of being in love with life.
  10. Inner Child – Inner Child Reconnection reclaims pieces of your soul lost in other lifetimes, galaxies, and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left behind in that lifetime and reclaims your power from those lifetimes.
  11. Fruit of Life – This opens and connects your 13 chakras, so they can release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in energy flow. These stagnant energies can cause physical pain and illness, as well as affect your ability to manifest. Chakras are portals that send and receive information. They are also the entrance for life-force energy. When this energy flows freely throughout your being, you can be in your true power. This activation lights up your Fruit of Life in your Sacred Geometry.
  12. Universal Life Grid – Healers and people are supposed to bring a lot of light into the world at this time.  However, sometimes they are being attacked and drained by off-planet beings who are trying to prevent this evolution from happening. This activation is a step up from the Life’s Grid Activation.  This activation protects all the vessels we are in on a soul level, on and off the planet. When this protective grid is in place, these beings no longer have access to us and cannot attack us.
  13. Heaven on Earth – This activation releases oaths made to suffer for those who came before you. Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and our ancestors.  This activation releases all of the above.
  14. Alchemy of the 3rd-Dimension – This activation, allows you to release all the third-dimensional belief systems in the control from the third dimension. This activation should only be done after you’ve done the first 12 activations. As if you do this one before any of the other ones it can be too much for you and knock you out for a week. Or you will not feel or benefit from it. This activation plugs you into the Christ Consciousness of the 5th Dimension. This activation disconnects you from the fear, suffering, and control of the third dimension and connects you to the unconditional love of the 5th. It will allow you to release illusory belief systems and to perceive the truth through the love of Christ Consciousness. It will help you stand in your power and speak your truth.
  15. Planetary Alignment – This aligns you with the transformative energies of the planets and releases blockages that prevent smooth transitions. It will help you to shift with that flow of planetary energies and minimize any upheaval associated with astrological changes. You will be able to manifest more potently during a new moon and release negative energy more easily during a full moon. You will likely find the unsettling effects of Mercury retrograde to be greatly reduced. This activation will also help you be in sync with Gaia’s evolution.
  16. Bleeding Heart – Healers tend to want to heal the world, however, when trying to do so you give your power away while taking on the sorrow and sadness of the world.  This activation will give you discernment and boundaries so you can heal yourself without being attached to healing the world.
  17. Sacred Power – The Sacred Power should be done after the others, as you need to be vibrating at the highest level possible to keep this activation. It clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force you are meant to be. This activation will empower you to step into your true authentic power.
  18. Are You a Martyr – Martyrs put everyone else first and do not take care of themselves because they are too busy taking care of others?  Being a martyr saps your strength and effectiveness and discourages others from taking responsibility for their own lives. This activation releases the belief that other people’s lives and emotions are more important than yours and will help you achieve balance in taking care of yourself and others.
  19. Spiritual Ego Release – The Creator is the healer, we are co-creators that facilitate. This activation balances your ego so you don’t feel responsible for the results your clients receive. Their healing is between them and God alone.
  20. Addiction Redirection -The Addiction Redirection restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. This addiction helps with various expressions of addictions including:
    o Hoarding
    o Fear
    o Self-sacrifice
    o Drama
    o Sex
    o Drugs
    Addictions arise from feeling a lack of love. This activation restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. It also targets the emotions that cause suffering and helps to heal our perception of the experience that caused those emotions. This will help you release anything you may be using as a substitute for love and nurturing.
  21. Anger and Resentment Towards God – This activation is about releasing your anger and resentment at God, seeing those as beliefs WE created, and most importantly, how to release these very debilitating and choking beliefs. Many of us are unaware of the anger and resentment we have towards God. This anger keeps us from having faith that God can and will heal us and our clients. Before you partner with God to Facilitate healing for your clients you will need to release this belief.
  22. Soulmate – This clears lifetime beliefs, judgments, trauma, and betrayal with your soul mates. It opens you to receive the right soul mate free of fear of what the future will be like with him or her. It also clears the collective consciousness, religious beliefs, and genetic beliefs about relationships with a soul mate. We have many soul mates and this will allow you to align with the most supportive and nurturing one in this lifetime.
  23. Polar Opposites – This allows new pathways of unconditional love to replace the negative pathways in the brain by focusing on the programs that are constantly running unconsciously. These stop you from achieving clarity and calmness as well as money.
  24. Sacred Blue Print – Clear old belief patterns that block you from moving forward and helps you step into your power to help yourself and humanity. will help align you with your true self and your purpose in life, giving you the courage and knowledge of how to follow it without delay and/or fear. It will give you the knowledge of what you are to do here on Earth.
  25. Collective Church – The Collective Church activation disconnects us from a variety of programs that may hold us, as healers and light-workers, in a lack of abundance. These include the programs that healers are not allowed to make money, or that one must give one’s money to the Church. This brings you the Creator’s truth about all the churches of the world. It disconnects you from limiting religious constructs, including; the beliefs that suffering for God is necessary; that healers must work for free or give all their earnings to the church; that it is forbidden or impossible to communicate directly with God; or that there is only one true religion. It also removes all oaths, vows, or contracts from past lives as monks or nuns and clears trauma associated with serving the church.
  26. Seed of Life (was called Creative Gene) – Based on Sacred Geometry, you will focus on six elements and bring them into the one. This can be things such as “I am abundant”, “I am free”…whatever you desire to create in your life. With the Seed of Life, your energy is focused to manifest that which you truly desire, by fertilizing and planting the crops that will lead you to the life you dream of and deserve.
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