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Sacred Geometry exists throughout the natural world and is often referred to as the blueprint of the universe. Activating these energy patterns allows you to deepen your spiritual connection, understand your own being, and align you with the universe. 

What to expect for this week

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This session helps you to:

Prepare for the shifts and clearings that you will experience throughout the series.

Increase your psychic abilities and sharpen your intuition.

Be in tune with your life and reach deeper levels of awareness about your own being.

Activate your Sacred Geometry and understand the connections of all creations.

Harmonize, rebalance, and shift your energy to heal, awaken, and transform.

Feel a sense of natural alignment with the universe, making you an unstoppable force of attraction.


Tamra will wrap up this session with a magical guided meditation that raises your emotional and spiritual vibration to manifest your best life and attract experiences that match your heart’s desires – this will bring in your power, your energy, your balance.

Activations Included:

This activation brings the sacred geometric codes for the tetrahedron into your DNA. This information from the 6th Plane will activate your 18 strands of DNA and accelerate their evolution to the new, crystalline form. It will increase your awareness of and communication with the higher realms. It will also enable you to navigate Earth’s changes with greater ease and allow you to be in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd dimensional planet.

This opens and connects your 13 chakras, so they can release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in energy flow. These stagnant energies can cause physical pain and illness, as well as affect your ability to manifest. Chakras are portals that send and receive information. They are also the entrance for life-force energy. When this energy flows freely throughout your being , you an be in your true power. This activation lights up your Fruit of Life in your Sacred Geometry.

This heart-healing activation reconnects the two heart chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life. The Christ Consciousness energy will help to bring you into a state of non-judgement and love for yourself, which will enable you to accept and love others.

Sacred Geometry lines you up with the earth and stars and it gives you the ability to shift your vibration to a higher frequency to move forward with the ability of ascension, love, and healing on all levels.

The Star-Seed activation increases your energy to a level where you can talk to our brothers and sisters from other worlds, where you can hear them, see them, and know them as love and light, coming here to help us transform our world, It removes your fears so you can communicate with them and know that you’re safe when you do. You will be able to understand them and their message to you. You will be able to act on their advice and will have the discernment that this is real and good advice before acting on it.

This increases your healing and intuitive abilities. It allows you to more easily communicate with your Higher-Self, guides, angels, and the Creator. It also amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience, which will make it possible for you to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

Works on and activates four glandular centers in the brain: the pituitary, pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and the medulla oblongata, or God Head. The purpose of this advanced activation is to awaken the psychic abilities, and as a result participants may experience:

  • Better communication with your spirit guides, higher self, angels, the Creator
  • An easier flow in life
  • Ability to trust yourself and your instincts
  • Greater awareness of truth
  • Understanding of what steps to take to lead the life you desire
  • Freedom from fears that used to stop you from moving forward
  • Each time you listen to this activation, your vibrations will rise higher.

It activates diamonds, the crystalline properties, in your DNA. This is huge for upgrading communication and will really make some major shifts for yourself.

Every session is equally powerful and works on different aspects of you. You don’t want to miss out the clearing, magic, and shift you’ll experience for each week!

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