Living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Understanding the Law of Vibration

with Tamra Oviatt and Wade Yarchan

Animals are little angels. Learn to understand your pets more deeply and connect to them in a most profound and life-changing way. 

Activations/Deactivations that you will receive in this episode to help you and your pets:

Deactivating Anxieties and Overwhelm (For you and your pets)

Healthy Boundaries (For you and your pets)

Owner’s Issues

This week, Tamra will be having Cindie Ambar as a guest. Cindie is an animal communicator and healer who provides animal communication and animal energy healing services worldwide. In this episode, she will share her experiences and insights while working with animals of all kinds, both wild and domestic. 

So, join Tamra and Cindie as they talk about the importance of pets in our lives and how animals help us heal and help the whole planet heal. In this episode, you’ll also learn how important it is to talk to your pets, because even though we may not be able to hear what they are saying, they can understand us and they have a message for us. 

For more information about Cindie and her work, visit her at

Watch this week’s episode at the following links:

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