Living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Manifest Miracles

with Melinda Lee

Create a life of miracles.

Welcome to the 3rd Episode of Living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness with Host Tamra Oviatt, founder of Subconscious Metaprogramming called Sacred Activations.

In this episode, Tamra will be having a guest, Melinda Lee – a Medical Intuitive, Master Healer, International Speaker, Author, and Retreat Leader. Over the past 20 years, she has done over 35,000 healings and has been privileged to witness extraordinary miracles happening to people.

Melinda is here to help you open your minds to limitless possibilities. In this episode, you will learn about the power of the heart and how your heart holds the key to your healing. Melinda will also guide you through a healing process and share the 4 steps to move beyond your fears and limitations.

Join Tamra and Melinda as they share with you how to create lightning speed PHENOMENAL RESULTS in your manifestations that will guarantee to benefit you, your family, friends, and clients.

This episode is about YOU being the Divine Creator, Healer, and Miracle Manifestor of your life. This episode is about bringing miracles into your life.

At the end of this session, you will receive 3 Sacred Activations to further help you in your healing: Tamra is running 3 Activations at 45:45.

Overwhelm: Release yourself from the vortex of emotional overwhelm

This Activation addresses the subconscious root causes of your overwhelm, so you can let go of your overwhelming thoughts and emotions and create a sense of calm and maintain perspective in times of stress and crisis.

Receiving these Activation helps you to:

  • Disconnect from the collective feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, and desperation that you’ve picked from other people’s dramas or from the internet and media;
  • Unplug from the chaotic state of the world and plug back into life in the present moment;
  • Maintain a sense of calm and light when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worried, or anxious;
  • Slow down and find balance in a fast-paced world; and
  • Connect and bring your focus more on what you can control, what matters to you, and what brings you joy and peace within.

Healers Who Suffer: What prevents you from doing your healing work?

This Activation clears blocks and resistance that prevent you, as a healer, from pursuing the healing work that you are called to do.

Receiving this Activation helps you to:
Clear your blocks, resistance, fears, and all other subconscious programs that prevent you from doing a healing work;
Stand up, take your place in the world, and show up confidently and authentically as a healer;
Release yourself from your own suffering as someone who is called to become a healer — whatever this means for you.

Bleeding Heart: Stop taking on other’s feelings

This Activation enables you to detach from the troubles, sorrow, and suffering of other people and the world, so you’re allowing yourself to wholly send love, compassion, and healing while still keeping your boundaries.

Bleeding Heart Activation enables you to:
Understand that it is not your responsibility to save the world and to fix the world’s problems.
Help others while honoring and protecting yourself by being clear and consistent with your boundaries.
Stop taking on other people’s emotional baggage.
Discern people’s intentions when they come to you and assert your boundaries without guilt.
Send love and healing to the world without being attached to collective suffering.

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