Living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness

How to Live in Alignment with Your Best Self

with Tamra Oviatt and Darius Barazandeh

In this episode, join Tamra and Darius Barazandeh in their very insightful conversation about how to refocus and realign with your authentic and best self. Not only do they inspire you to find joy and love in what you’re doing and who you are, they also empower you to design a life that is in alignment with your inner being. 

There are a lot of takeaways and insights from this episode to help you start being true to yourself and being intentional with your focus. 

About the Guest:

Darius  M. Barazandeh is an energy intuitive, host, and founder and CEO of the You Wealth Revolution, a global awareness movement made up of millions of people around the planet committed to expanding their awareness, realizing their life purpose, and realizing their gifts. 

To learn more about You Wealth Revolution and how it can help your life, visit

Watch this week’s episode at the following links:

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