Living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness

How to create your Heaven-on-Earth by shifting your focus and energy

with Tamra Oviatt

Activations/Deactivations that you will receive in this episode to help you shift your energetic vibration into peace, love, joy, and happiness.

Polar Opposites
Heaven on Earth
Anger and Resentment

Welcome to the 8th Episode of Living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness with Host Tamra Oviatt, founder of Subconscious Metaprogramming called Sacred Activations.

Join Tamra this week as she shares with you how she gets to where she is now – in her Heaven-on-Earth. In this episode, she also empowers and inspires you to create your own Heaven-on-Earth.

This is about how to be in your power, how to be in a space of peace, love, joy, and happiness most of the time, how to disconnect from the collective suffering, lack, and limitation, and how to create the life you desire.

This is about empowering you to start your inner work, to start being mindful of where you want to put your focus and energy, and to start healing and sending love to yourself. In this way, you are also helping the whole world shift into peace, love, joy, and happiness.

Watch this week’s episode at the following links:

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