OMTimes 36th Ep Dark Night of the Soul I Release Overwhelm & PTSD I Tamra Oviatt

This episode helps you move through Dark Night of the Soul if you’re going through it right now, clearing out emotional overwhelm, guilt, shame, fears , and all other stuff that is weighing you down at the moment.

Tamra also empowers you to do more of what makes you happy and add more play to your everyday life.

Activations/Deactivations in this session that bring back balance and calm in your life:

Sinner to Saint
Guilty Pleasures
Post-Traumatic Stress
Dark Night of the Soul
Healthy Boundaries
Anger and Resentment
Shame Deactivation
Things Have to Get Worse before They Get Better Deactivation
When One Door Closes, Another One Opens
Fear of Letting Go
Fear of Change
Stability and Balance
Being in Power / Being in the Center of Hurricane
Chaos to Calm
Universal Light Grid

Facilitated by:
Tamra Oviatt, Founder of Sacred Activations, a Subconscious Metaprogramming Modality

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