OMTimes 35th Ep Glow Up – Stepping into Your Light I Inner Shine Activation with Ella Isakov

Are you hiding your light? Are you the world’s best kept secret?

This episode empowers you to celebrate yourself as our special guest host, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner and Teacher Ella Isakov, runs Activations/Deactivations to help you clear your fears of being seen and help you amps up your inspiration, inner fire, and courage to step into your light and shine!

Activations/Deactivation you’ll receive from this session include but not limited to:

Past Life Trauma
Junk DNA
Childhood Trauma
Return To Innocence
Dancing Heart
Light Vs. dark
Mitochondria Activation
Blue Dragon Activation
Inner Shine
Fountain of Youth
Being Extraordinary
Gates of Heaven
Millionaire Vibration

Facilitated by:
Ella Isakov is a Medical Intuitive and Wealth Activator, Certified Movement Coach, and Sacred Activations Practitioner/Teacher. Ella works on trauma, physical/mental health, limiting belief systems, unhealthy patterns, harmful Karmic baggage and negative self-worth thoughts that limit money and abundance.

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