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Attract wealth in all areas of your life

Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer with

Money Blueprint

Mastering your Purpose

Receive Over 80 Activations/Deactivations!

Value: $2,964

This series consists of 4 sessions of Deep Subconscious Upgrade and Soul Work

Offered by  Sacred Activations Founder Tamra Oviatt

Powered by Source God Energy


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(Video includes information about Manifestation Masterclass)

This is a 4-week brand new channeled Masterclass tailored to radically shift all aspects of you, including your financial destiny in connection with your soul purpose and soul gifts. 

This Masterclass is a deep multi-dimensional healing opportunity, an energy-based subconscious and soul work to access, activate, and clear your Blueprint programming, lining you up with the highest path that best fulfills you in this lifetime, so you can truly co-create your most flourishing and abundant life.


Actual Value: $2,964

Your 4-Week Quantum Journey

That opens up doors to new frequencies, opportunities, and possibilities

Each session, Tamra will channel more than 15 Activations/Deactivations energy codes and frequencies from Source God Energy and run them into your blueprint and subconscious programming, working on cellular, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels all at the same time. 

Because this is an intensive high-vibrational energy transmission and goes as deep as it needs, you’re given a week to integrate after every healing session. 

Please also note that this is a channeled healing session. We can’t completely tell you 100% of what will transpire during the session until it’s over. What we can assure you, however, is that you’ll receive more than what we promise here.

1st Session

You Before Coming to Earth

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Life is just like a video game! This activation brings you a new awareness of the “matrix” or “the game”. It helps you to operate in life as a powerful winner, granting you the ability to see what’s going on around you and how to navigate and create new wonders in your life.

This Deactivation clears your beliefs and fears of global and planetary destruction.Death Star in Star Wars has the capability to destroy entire planets, making it the most feared weapon in the galaxy. It mirrors the challenges and adversities in our world today – forces of oppression, fear, and destruction.Receiving this energy will help draw upon your deepest reserve of faith and love, bringing in within you the hope and belief in the possibility of a better, freer world and the flourishing of all life.

This Activation expands you to your universal birthright and changes all the contracts you have on planet Earth, along with the belief systems and programs that go with those contracts. This energy is so expansive and freeing, allowing you to live into your universal birthright as a being one with the Source.We are not just citizens of this planet. We are universal citizens where we are not separated by borders, colors, races, religions, and cultures. As universal citizens, we have equal birthrights.Receiving this Activation expands you in so many ways, and at the same time releasing all the belief systems and programs that limit you as a universal being. This energy will bring a huge freedom for you.

This Activation helps change, replace, or upgrade the defective genes in your body. This is like updating the software on your computer or phone to make it work better or get rid of a bug. In the body, this energy can help prevent or treat diseases caused by these gene glitches, making the body work more smoothly and keeping you healthier.

This activation connects you with your own inner essence, your eternal and indestructible being. The diamond stands for eternity (“diamonds are forever”) and indestructibility (it is the hardest material that exists). The heart stands for love and at the same time for the “heart” of things. If you continue to work with this activation, you are getting closer to your own eternal essence and innermost heart.


In this session, you’re going on a journey deep into your soul and step into your “before life”. What is your soul’s original programming and design before you incarnated to Earth?

You’re going to access your Blueprint that contains all the wisdom and tools to lead you to true fulfillment and abundance on all levels of your being. 

You’re also going to clear your Blueprint from the blocks, restrictions, karmas, programs, and other deep-rooted negative energetic patterns that keep you out of alignment with your soul mission. 

How does this session radically shift your life?

You find what you’re meant to do in this lifetime – You discover your soul’s highest aspirations, gift, creativity, brilliance, and power.

♥  You reconnect with your soul purpose, allowing you to create goals that are in alignment with the highest life your soul yearns for. 

You become aware what experiences, activities, and courses of action expand your energy and what constricts it, so you start making new positive empowered decisions and choices that are true to you at soul level. 

2nd Session

You in This Life

Watch the rest of the session..


This Activation sparks growth and renewal within you. This allows you to face your losses, setbacks, and fears, and then find the strength and will to rebuild, to renew, and to grow. This gives you resilience to bounce back and reinvent yourself, showing that you can rise, again and again, no matter how many times you’re knocked down.

This session activated the Money Gene, and codes were brought in by the Laws of Abundance, connecting you to the 5th dimension of unconditional love and abundance. Plug in and watch your life change.

It is about being attacked by others and being cut down by others for shining your light. Clears the fear of standing out.

This activation brings you into to your heart and what your higher power is telling you. Release the negative beliefs that you might always make the wrong choices.

This activation enables you to enjoy things in life without the experience being spoiled by nagging undercurrents of guilt or compulsion.


In this session, you’re looking into the blueprint programmed to you in the first 7 years of your life. What is the money mindset that you grew up with?

You’re going to change the money blueprint programmed to you by deleting negative core money beliefs, installing a new money mindset, and creating new neural pathways in your brain that focuses on prosperity and abundance. 

You’re also going to examine your money blueprint rooted in childhood to resolve your money issues. 

How does this session radically shift your life?

You heal your relationship with money, so you start to cultivate a positive attitude and behavior towards money. 

You form new mental constructs, beliefs, and associations around money – you set a new money blueprint, redefine money and success, and rewrite your money scripts. 

You become aware of any unsupportive thoughts about money, allowing you to refocus on gratitude and feeling of inner wealth.

3rd Session

Your Place in this World

Watch the rest of the session..


Temple of God, Pizza Order, Sacred Power, Flow of Money, Disciples Return, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

You are the Temple of God. This Activation helps you recognize that incredible value and potential within you. Your existence is not an accident nor an afterthought. There’s a divine spark within you. Regardless of how you see the divine – whether as a religious figure, a universal energy, or simply the best version of humanity – there’s a part of that greatness within you. Receiving this Activation changes the way you treat yourself and others. You begin to see the “sacred” in yourself and others and honor it.

Manifestation is like ordering a pizza: You decide what you want. You place your order with the universe. You sit back, relax, and trust that your order is coming. When the universe delivers, you receive it and ready to enjoy it.This Activation is going to supercharge your manifestation game. This allows you to trust, knowing in your heart that what you’ve asked for is on its way to you, even if you can’t see it yet.After placing an order for pizza, you don’t keep calling the pizza place every five minutes asking if your pizza is ready, right? You don’t stand by the window, staring out, wondering if the pizza place got your order, if they’re making it, or if they’ve forgotten about you. You trust that it’s on its way.Receiving this Activations helps you clear about what you want, place your order with confidence, prepare for its arrival, and trust in the process.

The Sacred Power should be done after the others, as you need to be vibrating at the highest level possible to keep this activation. It clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force you are meant to be. This activation will empower you to step into your true authentic power.

This Activation clears the beliefs and other subconscious blocks that prevent money from flowing freely into your life. Just as everything in the universe is made of energy, money is also a form of energy, flowing in and out of our lives. Receiving this Activation will help you create an inner state of abundance, allowing you to attract more money opportunities and feel rich in all aspects of your life.

This activation releases you from the fear of being crucified for speaking your truth and being in line with God. Many of the disciples and many of the great leaders that we have had in this world were murdered. This allows you to be in alignment to work for God free of the fear of being killed for doing it.


In this session, you’re going into your future and see that highest version of yourself whom you choose to be. How do you want to show up in the world?

You’re going to bring that energy of abundance, fulfillment, and highest joy that you’ve created in your future timelines into your here and now. You’re going to embody that energy to start manifesting your most enriching and fulfilling life.

You’re also going to disconnect yourself from the collective consciousness and world beliefs that are meant to block or restrict you from following your highest path and obtaining your heart’s true desires. 

How does this session radically shift your life?

You break free from the mind matrix – you deprogram yourself from the collective fear and belief systems that keep you small.

You no longer make choices and decisions based on cultural conditioning, social influence, and common worldviews as you begin to find your unique voice, define your own core values, and show up with your soul gifts. 

You shift from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness, so you radiate the vibration that attracts abundance in money, love, connection, knowledge, and health. 

4th Session

Your Spiritual World

Watch the rest of the session..


This supercharges your manifesting ability by disconnecting you from the third-dimensional grid system of fear and suffering, and plugging you into the fifth-dimensional system of unconditional love and abundance. When your creative power is connected to the Christ Consciousness, you can manifest your desires with much greater potency and speed. You can also delete negative aspects of your life much more quickly. This activation will give you the knowledge that you are safe, that you are the creator of your life, and that you have the power to manifest money and other forms of abundance.

This Sacred Geometry Activation supports the upgrade of the DNA code and awakens dormant aspects within your DNA, bringing more expansion to your energy field and allowing you to stand right in the center of your soul power.

Breaking soul contracts to yourself or God that no Longer Serve You.

Earth angel complex is that we love too much and too deep, we keep giving and giving til we had nothing and yet still giving. We forgot that by staying in a negative situation, we are not loving ourselves. We didn’t realize that we are giving from a love deprived state of being ergo the rage, bitterness and depression. stop being their crutch, and let them go. Trust that everyone have their own journey.

This Activation helps to open and expand your heart, allowing yourself to be seen, heard, understood, and ultimately, loved. When you let your heart bloom in all its glory, you invite love in all its forms. You begin to stand in your truth, you begin to see the beauty and interconnectedness of all beings, and you begin to experience deeper connection with others.


In this session, you’re going to connect to your spiritual essence. How are you going to tune into the peace that resides within you?

You’re going to realize that you are more – you are more than the labels and identifications that you put on yourself. You are a pure and perfect soul in human form!

You’re going to spring clean yourself from ingrained belief systems that keep your energy from expanding and that keep you from becoming one with the Source. 

How does this session radically shift your life?

You deepen your connection to Source Energy, giving you access to your healing potential and allowing all forms of abundance to flow easily towards you.

You start to live in alignment with your passion, purpose, and truth while healing yourself from your fears, doubts, insecurities, excuses, and limitations. 

You find more bliss and meaning doing what really matters to you — this is how you can affect everyone on the planet.

Feel abundant in money, love, fun, opportunities, and everything that life can offer!


Actual Value: $2,964

What You'll Get:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get as much from the recording as I would have gotten from the live sessions?
ABSOLUTELY. This Sacred Energy transcends time and space. The replay is as powerful and potent as the live session. The energies are embedded into each recording and the results you’ll get from attending the live call are the same results when you watch it through the recording. Many clients also told us that they still listen to the recordings they got 5 or 10 years ago and still experience dramatic shifts.
Is it okay for my young children to join in during the session?
YES. Sacred Activations can't be misused. It's completely safe to receive Activation/Deactivation, regardless of your age and condition. It's an intelligent restorative divine energy and it only supports the highest good of all -- you can call it the Source/God/Universe/Creator of All That Is, and it goes directly to the areas where you need to heal, whether you're aware of them or not. If your children aren't ready to receive the energies, the Activations will not run on them, not until they're ready.
How fast will I experience the results?
As fast as you are ready. Many clients testify that miracles happen to them the next day or few days after they receive the Activations. The shift is different for everyone -- some notice it right away and some notice it when they realize at some point that their physical health has improved, that their thoughts are becoming more empowering, or that the fear they've carried for so long is gone. Because once you receive the Activations, they will keep shifting and expanding you for days, weeks, even months, working on your beliefs, past conditioning, thought patterns, emotional reactions, consciousness, and vibration. What makes this modality different is that you are not required to do something. You can keep doing what you usually do as the Activations work behind the scenes. You'll be surprised one day that you'll no longer be living in the same patterns and that your life is getting easier and calmer.

Sacred Activations is a Subconscious Metaprogramming Healing Modality. It’s the EASIEST, FASTEST, and MOST POTENT healing transmission to receive directly from Source Energy (or the zero point field).

To date, there are over 800 Channeled Energy Activations & Deactivations available.

Each specific Activation and Deactivation helps you:

REWIRE your brain to create new better patterns automatically;

UPGRADE your belief systems and past conditioning at subconscious level;

REWRITE your DNA, Timelines, and Blueprints;

CLEAR Trauma Imprints and Trapped Emotions from your energy bodies;

DISCONNECT you from fear, lack, and disease Collective Consciousness;

STOP you from living on autopilot and become more intentional in your everyday life; AND

EVOLVE into a version of you who is more secure and confident in your ability to manifest and create the life you want.

This is NOT a guided meditation, NOT an affirmation, NOT a how-to instruction, or anything like that!

THIS IS CHANNELED SOURCE ENERGY that’s actually doing the inner work for you.

About the Facilitator

Tamra Oviatt, Founder of Sacred Activations

Energy Healer I Medical Intuitive I Gridworker I Galactic & Multiversal Free Channel I Subconscious Metaprogrammer

Sacred Activations was gifted to her in 2012 at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, where she received her very first Sacred Geometry Activation from Lord Metatron, along with the Sacred Golden Seals that allow her to facilitate Activations on others.
Tamra Oviatt is a walk-in soul from Arcturus. From the age of three, she had two souls in her body until 2018 when the original soul chose to leave. She is now fully integrated to carry out the sacred work that was gifted to her.

Just recently, Tamra won The Ommie Award as Best Alternative Healer/Medical Intuitive at OMTimes Media.

Her free weekly healing show, Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, was picked up by Iheart Radio for podcast. This show is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Youtube TV.

She has also been featured on the cover of OMTimes Magazine, had an article published in Kindred Spirit Magazine, and is a regular guest on various spiritual and self-development shows and programs.

Tamra is now an author of 11 training books and a master teacher of 12 Sacred Activations and Akashic Records classes, certifying over 1500 practitioners around the world.

Feel abundant in money, love, fun, opportunities, and everything that life can offer!


Value: $2,964

What You'll Get:

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