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As the founder of Sacred Activations, Tamra Oviatt is a keynote speaker, visionary leader, bestselling author of nine books, winner of the International Bestseller Publishing Award, and sought-after teacher. Since receiving her first activation from Lord Metatron, over a hundred thousand people around the globe have experienced Sacred Activations. Tamra has also trained over 400 practitioners worldwide who use this powerful modality in their own practices.

Tamra’s ultimate mission is the realization of world peace by helping individuals unplug from the many negative, self-defeating collective consciousness belief systems while plugging into the unconditional love of pure Source energy and the activation of the soul presence.

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LA EXPO 2018



Featured in Grateful Living Magazine


Books by Tamra

  • Sacred Activation 26 Essential
  • Sacred Activations To Expand
  • Your Gifts Beyond Mastery
  • Heal Yourself Heal The World
  • Mastering The Masters
  • Akashic Records
  • Out Of The Mind Matrix
  • Timelines and Parallel Universes
  • Healing In The Akashic Records
  • A Practitioner’s Guide To The
  • Galactic Akashic Records
  • Medical Intuitive A Practitioner Guide

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