Healing from abuse-related traumas I Suicidal Thoughts Deactivation I Tamra Oviatt

Tune into this episode as Tamra facilitates a public healing session to help you heal from all forms of abuse and traumatic childhood. She also does hands-on healing to remove energetic imbalances and emotional blockages stuck in your body. 


30 Activations/Deactivation you’ll receive from this session include:


PTSD for Sexual Abuse

Suicidal Thoughts

Anger and Resentment

Family Constellations

Inner Child


Sorrow and Sadness

Quan Yin

Starving Artist

Imposter Syndrome

Guilt, Shame, Blame Deactivation

Body Armor 

Fear of Seeing the truth

Fear of the Future

Lack and Limitations

Fear Of Losing it All

Being Punished For Your Beliefs, Feelings, And Success

Victim Victimizer

Bleeding Heart

Healthy Boundaries

Not Your Doormat

Organ Rejuvenation

Oath to Suffer and Sacrifice 

Rage Deactivation

Panic Attacks


Peace Of Mind

Total Body Connection

Acceptance, Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Health Activation

Facilitated by:

Tamra Oviatt, Founder of Sacred Activations, a Subconscious Metaprogramming Modality


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