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Certified Practitioner Training level 1

Offered by Sacred Activations Founder Tamra Oviatt

Powered by Source God Energy


Next Training Schedule

In-Person & Live Online


JUNE 22-23, 2024 I 12:00 NOON GMT





Australia | 11:00PM (AEDT)

Philippines | 8:30PM (PHT)

India | 5:30PM (IST)


FREE One-Year Access to Sacred Activation Basic Membership

with 200+ Healing Activations, Subconscious Clearings and Frequency Upgrades


You can start by watching the previous training videos. Then join in the upcoming training this June. And get one more free access to the next future live training.

You will have a different experience each time!`

Must Watch This Video

Introduction to Practitioner Training Level 1

Discover why Sacred Activations is the MOST POWERFUL, FASTEST WORKING, EASIEST MODALITY TO MASTER on the planet for upgrading your whole life. 

In this video, you will receive 3 Sacred Geometry Activations:

  • LORD METATRONUpgrade your DNA to its new crystalline form. Help you live on higher vibrations. 
  • MOSES CODE Activate Tree of Life Sacred Geometry in your body. Open your creative channel.
  • CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESSActivate Flower of Life Sacred Geometry in your body. Open your heart space.

To get an overview of all Sacred Activations Training Courses and the KEY SKILLS AND INTUITIVE ABILITIES you will develop by taking each training,

Our Practitioners Stories

I was blown away immediately! It was instantaneous!

“It seems a bit of a whirlwind. Everything has changed so much!”

“It was so so deep. I went through really deep changing phases. It turned me inside out!”

I’ve been healing for 15 years. But coming to this class was really a kick-off!”

“This is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I felt my hands heat up the first Activation Tamra gave me!”

“Everything is straight to the point. It doesn’t stop blowing me away!”

Your subconscious beliefs control 95% of your life.

Imagine how your life would be if you had more negative beliefs running on autopilot!

These beliefs will sabotage and control every single choice you make. Driving your life experiences in directions you least desire.


It helps you take charge of your subconscious mind. Reprograms your hardwired beliefs. Activates Sacred Geometry in your body. Changes your life and everything around you. AUTOMATICALLY!

So you move away from living on autopilot to becoming a conscious and powerful programmer of your own reality! 

Where you feel more secure and confident in your ability to manifest your intentions. Create miracle experiences for yourself and others. And live a life that is AUTHENTIC, EMPOWERED, and HIGH-VIBRATIONAL. 

“If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will run it for you.”

- Florence Scovel Shinn

How fast will Sacred Activations change your whole life?

What our Master Practitioners are saying:

Sacred Activations was gifted to Tamra in 2012 at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, where she received her very first Sacred Geometry Activation from Lord Metatron, along with the Sacred Golden Seals that allow her to facilitate Activations on others. 

It is a Subconscious Metaprogramming Modality


To date, there are over 500 Channeled Energy Activations & Deactivations available.

Who is this course for?

This modality is OPEN TO ALL

You don’t need to be highly intuitive to do this work. 

The goal of Sacred Activations is for you to experience long-term, real results through a QUICK, SIMPLE, AND EFFORTLESS ENERGY PROCESS.

This can be your go-to tool anytime you want an instant vibrational shift or you feel the need to work on your personal issues. 

You can also offer this to your family and friends, even your pets, to support their healing. 

Sacred Activations also complements all other modalities and wellness practices. 

If you’re already in the holistic coaching, therapy, or alternative medicine industry, Sacred Activations helps you offer your clients a more lasting and multidimensional healing experience.

Course Structure

Prerequisite: NONE

Training Delivery Method: 

Available On-Demand (Self-Paced) or Live Online, which allows you to take it from the comfort of your home while connecting and making friends with like-hearted fellow practitioners around the world.

Key Training Outcome:  

This introductory level training certifies you to facilitate a 1-on-1 healing session, whether in-person, live online, or remote, using the 30 Foundation & Sacred Geometry Activations

Prepares you for the more advanced levels of practitioner training. 

 Total Time Commitment

This is a 2-Day High Frequency Training. Approximately 10-12 Hours in total. 


  • Multiple Live Practice Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to the Video Replays
  • Training Certificate of Completion
  • Practitioner’s Training Manual Level 1
  • Practitioner’s Directory
  • Private Practitioner Facebook Group


FREE One-Year Access to Sacred Activation Basic Membership with 200+ Healing Activations, Subconscious Clearings and Frequency Upgrades MP3s. 

What makes this training different?


Unlike traditional training programs with long lectures and lengthy modules, this training takes a different approach. 

From the very beginning, you will delve straight into Source Energy.

Tamra will give you 30 SACRED GOLDEN SEALS and activate them in your field. 

By simply receiving these Seals, you will naturally gain the understanding and ability needed to channel and use the 30 Sacred Geometry & Foundation Energy Activations.

If you have no experience in feeling or seeing energy, getting these Seals help open up your intuitive channel.

PLUS, you will be actively engaged in MULTIPLE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS alongside other participants, practicing both giving and receiving the 30 Sacred Activations. 

This ensures that much of your learning is practical and experiential, allowing you to work directly with the energy.

Overview of the 30 Sacred Geometry & Foundation Activations

  1. Lord MetatronUpgrade your DNA up to 18 strands and accelerate their evolution to the new crystalline form. 
  2. Moses CodeActivate the Tree of Life Sacred Geometry in your body. Open your creative channel. Help you achieve a state of flow in all your creative pursuits.
  3. Christ ConsciousnessActivate the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry in your body. Open your heart space and connect you to 5D Unconditional Love. 
  4. Avebury/StonehengeSupercharge your psychic and intuitive gift. 
  5. Super DNA Upgrade your DNA to bring in more higher frequencies into your body. Lower your risk of getting diseases.  
  6. Mother Earth Ground and connect you into the heart of Mother Earth. Keep you centered and consciously present. 
  7. Mother MaryHelp you give love and compassion to all. Clear judgments towards all creations.
  8. Family Constellations – Heal your family relationship. 
  9. Mary Magdalene/Sinner to SaintClear guilt, judgment, and punishment towards yourself for your choices.
  10.  Inner ChildHeal your inner child. Make all parts of you feel safe.
  11.  Fruit of LifeSacred Geometry. Open and light up your 13 Chakras. 
  12. Universal Life’s GridProtective shield of light around your energy body.
  13.  Heaven on EarthTap into your bliss and find your inner peace.
  14.  Alchemy of the 3rd DimensionRaise your beliefs from 3D to 5D.
  15. Planetary Alignment Release yourself from planetary influences, like retrogrades, transits, conjunctions, or moon phases. 
  16. Bleeding HeartStop taking on other people’s emotional baggage. 
  17. Sacred PowerStep into your authentic power unafraid.
  18. Are You A Martyr?Clear your overgiving tendencies and self-sacrificing traits.
  19. Addiction RedirectionHeal your addiction, substance or behavioral.
  20. Spiritual Ego Release feeling of superiority and “I am so special” mentality.
  21. Anger and Resentment Release your anger, resentment, and bitterness towards God, Life, and the World. 
  22. Soulmate Attract your most nurturing soulmate relationship.
  23. Polar oppositeReframe your negative thoughts automatically. 
  24. Collective Church Clear your religious limiting beliefs. 
  25. Seed of LifeManifest all forms of abundance.
  26. Caste System MoneyStop judging people’s worth by how much money they have.
  27. Caste System Family Stop comparing family members with others.
  28. Make Your Ego Your AmigoMake your ego work for you.
  29. Victim Victimizer Break free from the victim mentality.
  30. ConfidenceBuild trust and belief in yourself.

Our Practitioners Stories

Meet Tamra Oviatt

Tamra Oviatt, Founder of Sacred Activations

Energy Healer I Medical Intuitive I Gridworker I Galactic & Multiversal Free Channel I Subconscious Metaprogrammer

Ommie Award Winner as Best Alternative Healer. 

Tamra Oviatt is a walk-in soul from Arcturus. From the age of three, she had two souls in her body until 2018 when the original soul chose to leave. She is now fully integrated to carry out the sacred work that was gifted to her.

She’s now an author of 11 training books and a teacher of 13 transformative Sacred Activations & Akashic Records classes, certifying over 1500 Practitioners around the world.

Just recently, Tamra won The Ommie Award as Best Alternative Healer/Medical Intuitive at OMTimes Media.

She has also been featured on the cover of OMTimes Magazine, had an article published in Kindred Spirit Magazine, and is a regular guest on various spiritual and self-development shows and programs.

Tamra is now an author of 11 training books and a master teacher of 12 Sacred Activations and Akashic Records classes, certifying over 1500 practitioners around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get as much from the recordings as I would have gotten from the live sessions?
ABSOLUTELY. Sacred Energy transcends time and space. The replay is as powerful and potent as the live session. The energies are embedded in each recording. Whether you join live or watch the recordings later, you'll experience the same powerful results.
Am I qualified for this practitioner’s course?
If you have an open mind, an interest for self-expansion, and a desire to heal yourself (or help others heal), this practitioner course is for you. This is perfect for anyone looking to add a quick, potent, and easy to use process into their wellness toolkit. Also ideal for anyone interested in reprogramming their subconscious mind through powerful energy work. You don’t have to be highly intuitive to join this course. Just receiving the Golden Seals helps open up your intuitive channel. Plus, you can practice with other practitioners as much as you need until you feel confident working with Sacred Activations.
I took the previous Practitioner’s Training, is this the same course with the same information?
Every practitioner course offered by Tamra gives you a new experience each time you retake or re-watch it. As you shift and expand, the way you benefit from the energies will change. You will discover new layers of healing, insight, and empowerment that were not apparent or accessible to you before.
Will this change my life?
SO MUCH. After taking this course, your life will never be the same again. This is not only about learning how to channel and use the Activations. This is more about receiving the codes and programs that will upgrade your understanding and vibration. During the training sessions, not only will you develop the skills to facilitate healing in others, but you will also be healing yourself.

Become a holistic programmer of your own subconscious mind and that of others!

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Below are the key details you need to know:


Concerning places to stay, you can refer to the links below to book B&B’s or hotels.

How To Get To Glastonbury

If you’re not traveling by car, you’ll need to check the current timetables for buses, coaches, and trains. Make sure they’re up-to-date. The following information is a general guide to give you the logistics and rough timing. 


The closest train station is Castle Cary on Great Western Railway’s London Paddington to Taunton Line (this line could also be Exeter and/or Plymouth). From there, you can take a bus or taxi.Find the train schedule to Castle Cary on this link:


A taxi ride from Castle Cary takes around 25 minutes and costs between £35 and £45. Taxis are usually available at the station, but it’s still best to pre-book a taxi as Castle Cary is a rural station. Here are some reliable local taxi companies:

  • Zest Taxis: 07980 622022
  • Glastonbury Cab Company: 01458 258137, Mobile: 07800 777 154
  • Elite Taxis Glastonbury: 01458 832108, Mobile: 07566855007
  • AJ Taxis Glastonbury: 01458 448823, Mobile: 07877886797
  • Steve’s Taxi Services Castle Cary: 07846198866


You can take number 667 bus from Castle Cary to the town of Street (Crispin Hall stop), which runs 4 times a day, mainly in the morning and early afternoon (as of 2020). The ride takes around 50 minutes. From Street, you can catch another bus to Glastonbury (Town Hall), one leaving approx. every 30 minutes, taking about 10-15 minutes. Bus number service  376 is Bristol bound, while 29 or 77 is Wells bound.


National Express is the main coach company in the UK. This also stops at Glastonbury Town Hall. Buy your tickets online thru their website. You may also opt for Berries Coaches from Hammersmith, London, and drop off at Glastonbury Town Hall. This a super fast service (only 2.5 hours from London) and cheaper than National Express too!

Name: Aaron Young
Whatsapp: +447888832128
Contact via Facebook

Need a Driver?

Pick Up Point 1-4 Passengers 5-8 Passengers
Bristol Airport £65 £90
Heathrow Airport £200 £270
Gatwick Airport £230 £310
This price is for regular hours. Outside regular hours will cost more. 

A day trip to Stonehenge/Avebury or Tintagel cost £400 per vehicle for the entire day. The rate can change based on the number of passengers.

The vehicle accommodates up to 16 people ONLY.
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