Awakening the Advocate: Sacred Activations for Fearless Change with Ezio Savva

This empowering episode is designed to dispel fear, instill confidence, and inspire action as our special host, Sacred Activations Master Teacher Ezio Savva, runs Activations and Deactivations to help you stand up and be the catalyst for positive change in your community. 


Activations/Deactivation you’ll receive from this session include but not limited to:


  • Fight Or Flight Deactivation
  • Prison Planet
  • Falling Down The Ladder
  • Fear of Failure Deactivation
  • Fear of Being A Leader Deactivation
  • Chaos To Calm
  • Confidence And Self-Esteem
  • Sacred Power


This session, ideal for advocates from any community – ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or disability – is a stepping stone towards making a difference. 


Facilitated by:

Ezio Savva is a trained Sacred Activations Master Teacher, Quantum Reiki Instructor, Akashic reader, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Ezio runs Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd as CEO, representing an interpreter agency, teaching BSL courses, Reiki, and Sacred Activations for Deaf people and hearing individuals learning BSL.


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