Kathy Magrish Mason Interviews Tamra Oviatt

Happy Valentines day I thought this would be a good time to talk about relationships.

Tamra introduces Relationship Activation

Release the fear of change and overwhelmed and come into gratitude joy and happiness and Trust deactivation and activations both included in this video please pass it on

I am in chitzen Itza Mexico today running energy Connecting love and light throughout the world

Past life healing story from the beaches of tulum. Just got home after 14 hours of traveling after swimming in the ocean and totally washed away all of that past life I feel so amazing we went to Playa del Carmen this evening I was dancing in the streets yes without any alcohol LOL love you guys

My journey into self-love

Success equals self-sacrifice. Think about this, if you believe God is good and money is evil how can you make money doing God’s work? Do you struggle in society being a Healer or trying to help people but you can’t make money at it and you’re always broke? Do you believe if you’re too successful then you are sacrificed? Think about all of these things, how is it affecting you in your life? Would you like to change all of that to happy happy joy joy and be in the flow of abundance?

Hi everyone! I am in Puerto Escondido in Mexico sitting on the beach, and I’d like to share my view with you. The waves are crazy here! I go to a beach that doesn’t have these crashing waves. I learned from the waves that I’m not good at battling the waves. Speaking of battling, let’s talk about how we tend to battle in life sometimes. We think we have to fight for everything, and so a lot of times that ends up being our experience. But we don’t have to battle. We can be in the flow. When we are put into situations where we can’t really do anything, that is definitely an invitation to go within and introspect and process whatever is going on in your life. It is a process of learning to let go and let God. Energy Clearing Work – worries, stress, fear about the future, and overwhelm. Let’s clear that now. This clears out the subconsciousness of your life so that you can live on purpose.

Living in the now sounds easy, but is it? I’m going to share with you what I’m going through right now. And then run energies of expectations disappointments Fear the Future anything stopping you from living in the now now letting that go so you can live in joy and happiness and freedom.

Experiences in life is the true abundance

Tamra runs the Wisdom of the Trees Activation. Connect into the beautiful energy of the wisdom of the trees; they hold so much knowledge for humanity. They are amazing and full of information, strength, power, and commitment for this planet. Note their impressive root systems, connecting directly into the earth, being totally grounded. Gratitude, love, respect, and honor for the world. You will receive the energetic benefits of this Activation even if you are watching or listening to the replay.

Hello, everyone! Tamra here, I’m on my deck in Tulum, Mexico, looking at the ocean. The energy is absolutely incredible here! Yesterday I went to the temples in Tulum and connected with the energies and the wisdom of the elders. It was about trust, and it was such a beautiful experience. I really wanted to share with you that I’m traveling! At the end of the month I want to do a webinar to talk about all of the energies I tap into and connect with on my journey throughout Mexico throughout October. I will also be offering a four week program soon called Spirituality and Abundance. So many healers and spiritual seekers find themselves living in a lack mentality, but we are meant to be living in abundance. When we live in lack we’re not able to help ourselves, much less serve the planet. There is no reason for lack and limitation, but I say this knowing I came from major lack and limitations. And I’ve been healing that and working on that throughout my whole life, but I think I’m ready to kick it up a few notches, and I’d love to help you do the same in your life. This is a four week class on spirituality and abundance. God told me to be a healer, and here I am doing his work, and before I became a healer I made pretty good money doing other things. I am not interested in being in poverty, I like nice things. I like the hotel on the beach instead of inland. I like quality things and there’s really no reason for any of us to be in a lack mindset or have to struggle because everything is abundant. Every time I need money, it shows up. I want to help you to use your gifts and be abundant at the same time, too; you can have it all! It’s only our belief systems that stop us from connecting to that creative energy and love. This course will be four Wednesdays in November, so if you’re ready to live a life of abundance, it starts on November 7th. One of these Wednesdays is the day before Thanksgiving, so if you can’t make it live, you can always watch the replays at your convenience. Also, when you sign up for the whole series, you will receive $500 in Sacred Activations to help get you started on your journey before we even begin the class. I hope to see you guys again soon, and have an amazing day, everyone!

Tamra talks in detail about what’s covered in Relationship Activation

Merry Christmas!

I’m sitting in a temple and Merida Mexico and I am here to run peace love joy and happiness for the world the Christ Consciousness Flower of Life activation knowing that we are all one and seeing peace and calmness throughout the world with people shifting and waking up that they do it in peace and calm I love you guys

I’m going to do a clearing on self sacrifice. It’s all healthy boundaries

I am going home for the first time in my life

What are you creating in your life? Are barking dogs guarding your heart so no one can get in? Tamra shares personal stories and experiences of healing and past life energy clearing. One of her past lives took place in ancient Mayan society, so she shares some thoughts on programming and conditioning we’ve been experiencing going all the way back to that tribe. Everyone’s journey is different, but is there something you experience that is repetitive? What does this have to do with money? Everything! What about healers who make good money? They end up being trashed because people think money is “evil” and people who have money are also “evil.” However, if you’re sending this message out into the universe, you’re not going to make money. Love yourself, honor yourself, and honor the work you’re doing. Part of that is being financially comfortable and being able to meet all of your needs. Do you sabotage yourself? Where are you putting your attention? What are you focused on? We have the whole world within us; the only way to change the world outside is to change from within, and it’s about being happy and in joy. Get in touch with any past life that is affecting you now. How are you affecting yourself? How are you stopping yourself? Let’s do a guided meditation and then we will do some Activations to shift all of that now.

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Are you living in Freedom? Are you living the now? Or are you living in lack and limitations? If you’re not on my email list join at sacred activations.com get three free activations and notices of upcoming classes and shows.

Flute from Mexico

On our way to the town of Maricales

In this video, I want to share some thoughts with you about the illusion of separateness. More specifically, about how some people think that they are better than other because they have more. That’s the Caste System, and it’s bullshit because everybody on this planet is equal. In the Western world—well, a lot of people in the United States have a lot of money. I suggest you come over here and visit other places in the world where they don’t, and connect with these people and their beautiful hearts. It doesn’t matter how much or little you have; we’re all human, and we’re all in this together. It’s time to start sharing the energy of love and compassion. I’m not saying give away your wealth or whatever it is you have, but why not give some of it to them? I mean… nobody owns anything anyway. It’s all about the love and respect, and the knowing that we’re all in this together and we are all one. You know, while getting ready to go on this journey, I sold almost all of my stuff and gave it away. The things I sold I didn’t sell for much, and I’m not attached to it. And this… what I’ve been living for the last two weeks, I mean I just started this journey, but I’m so happy I traded that life for this life, this connection, and this beauty. Please watch to enjoy some calm, relaxing flute music at the temple site with us!

At the Palenque Temples in Mexico, Tamra talks about the Sun Disk Dial Sacred Activation, which was the first Activation she ever received. This is also known as the Lord Metatron Activation, which is what she will be running in this video. What this will do is activate your DNA, so if you don’t have 12 strands of DNA activated it will bring you up to that, or if you’re over that; wherever you are, 18 is the maximum number of DNA strands available to humanity right now, so if you’re below that this will bring you up higher. We’ll be doing this for the universe, for the global consciousness of humanity. Even if you’re listening to the replay of this, you will receive the energetic benefits.

Tamra speaks about the energies in Tulum, Mexico, at the sacred sites and ley lines, and connecting with the energies there.

Join Tamra for a Sacred Activation now so that you may also benefit and heal from this energy of love. The Sacred Heart heals you, heals your life, and heals the world.

Remember how amazing you are! Sacred Heart energy is so incredible. As it flows through you, it flows through the whole world and the collective, too. Do you feel that energy of unconditional love?

Sacred Love, Sacred Heart, the Sacred World. Keep feeling these energies vibrating through your cells and allowing it to heal you.

If you know anyone else who might benefit from this Sacred Heart Activation for healing and love, please share this video with them.

Hi, everyone! Tamra Oviatt here. How are you doing?

I’m so excited, I’m in Cancun right now! We’re heading to Tulum today and we’ll be going to all sorts of sacred sites throughout this month, the month of October. I want to invite you to join me on my adventures!

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I so look forward to sharing this with you!

This is all about love, joy, and happiness, so I would be honored if you’d join me on my travels and experience some of the sacred sites of Mexico with me. The energies there are incredible, so I hope you’re ready for some awesome energy healing work this month!

Love you!