Rewrite your past life stories and watch miracles unfold into your HERE and NOW

An all-powerful and unique tool that breaks disrupting, old, negative patterns SO YOU CAN take back control of your life

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Founder Teacher Tamra Oviatt offers this CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER TRAINING to  help you and your clients make major shifts and upgrades in different areas in your life where you feel stuck, trapped, or stagnant by shifting your timelines and tapping into your higher parallel realities. 


Breaking the karmic holographic loop of negative energy patterns

Life is a collective series of present moment experiences. HERE AND NOW is the only moment that exists. The past is just a collection of programs about people, places, and experiences recorded as memories. The future is also just a program that carries your desires, dreams, hopes, and wishes. 

Your life stories and realities in your past, present, and future timelines have infinite versions – all occur at the same time, just different experiences and circumstances, different choices and outcomes, and different bandwidth of frequencies. 

In this training, you will be looking into your timelines and parallel realities to create grand positive changes in your HERE AND NOW. 

Timelines and Parallel Universes is a groundbreaking process of transforming and expanding your whole life that you’ll never find in any other healing classes and training courses. This tool will heal and shift aspects of your life where you are repeatedly caught in the same frustrating patterns and karmic loops. This is made for you and for your clients so you can walk away from the same old repetitive attachments, choices, dramas, feelings, and thinking.    

The processes from this training are more expansive, more empowering, more potent than the first training done three years ago. This will bring you more awareness to your thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions, so you can take control of your life and live lighter, happier, and more evolved. 

What to expect from this training:


Explore multiple dimensions of your reality that are relevant to your present lifetime to help you move forward past a block or a negative pattern of energy;


Remove traumatic or tragic past life programs that are still making a negative impact on your present life and replace them with positive alternative past life programs;


Discover your past life gifts, talents, and knowledge and install them into your present life;


Integrate aspects of yourself from your higher parallel realities into HERE AND NOW to help you obtain your highest blueprint for this lifetime;

What if you could pull a whole lifetime program and replace it with a positive program that will shift your whole timeline right here and now, without having to constantly go back and heal things from that lifetime? What if we can check our future timeline and if you see any problems in that, we can pull and change that also?

How is this training beneficial to you and to your clients?

Have you run into the same frustrating situations again and again? Do you feel stuck and trapped in the same problems? Or do you have issues that keep coming back no matter where you are in life? Perhaps it’s the constant struggles with your career, relationships, finances, or weight. Perhaps it’s procrastination, debt issues, or stress from a toxic work environment. 

If you are the person with the same complaints you had 5 years ago or 10 years ago, this training will address recurring issues and problems that may have rooted deeply in traumatic past lives, ancient fears, unhealed karmic wounds, or energetic imprints

In this training, you will be able to access your past life programs in the Akashic Records and give context to the negative patterns that you keep struggling with. You will be able to explain your anxiety, fears, pain, and other persistent issues that seem to have no origin. 

Not only will you learn to access past life programs, you will also learn to remove them and change them into alternative past life programs. You will be able to pull out those traumatic past lives from your programming, so you will no longer carry their low vibrations and energies that have surfaced through your current life issues. 

Through this process, you can rewrite your story in your present lifetime with the same characters but now with positive higher vibrations. 

The processes from this training will help you and your clients:

  • Release low vibrations, stuck energies, imprints, wounds, fears, or traumas from your past lives that you carry over to your present lifetime;

  • Break away from karmic cycles and maladaptive patterns through self-awareness and expanding consciousness;

  • Shift you and those people around you by learning to understand multiple perspectives;

  • Become empowered to make a different choice and become accountable for your actions;

  • Stop attracting the same types of people in your relationships;

  • Stop attracting experiences that are not serving you;

  • Tap into your dormant gifts and talents (that you have integrated into HERE and NOW from your past lives).


Frequently Asked Questions

To join this training, you must be a Sacred Activations Practitioner Level 1. You can purchase the Practitioners Training Level 1 here

ABSOLUTELY. This Sacred Energy transcends time and space. The replay is as powerful and potent as the live session. The energies are embedded into each recording and the results you’ll get from attending the live call are the same results when you watch it through the recording. Many clients also told us that they still listen to the recordings they got 5 or 10 years ago and still experience dramatic shifts.

Every practitioner’s course offered by Tamra is different from the previous ones. New information, teachings, and processes might be taught. As this is a channeled live training, we can’t completely tell you 100% of what will happen until it is over. What we can tell you, however,  is that this is MORE THAN what it promises.

“ It was 2018 when I first received the information about Timelines and Parallel Universes. When I was looking into a past life, I saw this traumatic past life that had happened to me and I asked, ‘Is there an alternative life to this?’. Then, I saw another image of a lifetime with the same characters but with different outcomes. So I said, ‘I want that one instead’ and I was told to pull out that traumatic lifetime and plug in the positive lifetime. 

A couple of days later, I was told to look back at my past lives. When I looked back, all these traumatic past lives programs had all changed to positive ones. And I noticed that things in my present life had changed. 

When I was changing my past life, what I was really doing was clearing out a traumatic past life of love. I wasn’t allowing myself to be in a love relationship. I was single for over 20 years and I married a man I wasn’t in love with. And then now I’m in a relationship with somebody I really love. So Timelines and Parallel Universes made huge changes in my life.” _ Tamra

What others have said about this training



I had done some past life healing work, but it only had a temporary effect. Last week’s work seemed to completely heal me.
I feel lighter and my habits of depression and despair seem to have disappeared. Thank you very much.

About the Facilitator

Tamra Oviatt is a Master Sacred Activator who was given the gift of Sacred Activations in 2012 by the Source Creator and received her first Activation from Lord Metatron in Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel. Being a uniquely-gifted lightworker, master healer, and divine channel, she has always been destined to bring permanent healing, personal growth, and positive transformation to people using the power of Sacred Activations. 

Sacred Activations is a form of Metaprogramming that intelligently corrects, removes, overwrites, and upgrades your subconscious programs and will continue to work on you for days, weeks, months, even years, shifting your belief systems, raising your consciousness and vibration, and aligning your mind, body, and spirit to the universal flow. What makes this modality different is it reprograms your belief systems, mindset, emotional patterns, social constructs, and past conditioning (collectively referred to as your subconscious programs) into something positive, constructive, and empowering. 

It has now become the easiest, fastest, and most transformational healing modality available today, with over a thousand practitioners in more than 20 countries around the world and has helped over 100,000 people in all walks of life. 

In the years prior to receiving this modality, she kept receiving divine messages that led her to take classes and trainings in a wide range of modalities and this certified her as a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, and Akashic Records. For 9 years, she has traveled to different sacred sites around Europe and Mexico, learning about herself and her expanding abilities, spending a large amount of time in the Heart Chakra of the World, the Stonehenge, working with Earth energies, continuously receiving Activations and instructions from Lord Metatron, the Ascended Masters like Jesus, Buddah, Quan Yin, the Angels, the Octarians, beings from Lira, and her other off-planet teachers whom she can talk and channel freely. 

With 20 years of experience in energy work and spiritual healing, she is now a sought-after Master Teacher of 12 transformative Sacred Activations and Akashic Records classes and a best-selling author of 9 books. She has also appeared in over a hundred interviews and seminars, as well as on radio, TV, and podcast. In 2019, she co-hosted an event in Glastonbury with many different healers and more than 200 attendees. For more than a decade, she has been working with and directed by the Source to shift and transform countless lives. And by just attending her webinars, you’ll get an uplifting and empowering experience.

How it all started

Tamra has always had the spiritual gift since she was a kid. Not only had she intuitively healed her dying cat, she also assisted her dying aunt and grandmother to the next life at a young age. Healing has always come natural to her, as well as hearing divine messages and receiving sacred directions. Before she understood what it meant, she had already been seeing people’s Sacred Geometry and had been repairing it for years. In 2012, she received her first Activation, the Lord Metatron Activation, along with the other two, Moses Code and Avebury. Beginning with only three Activations, there are now hundreds of Activations that have been gifted to her. In her journey to becoming the Master Healer that she is now, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, and her Spirit Guides have always been her teachers. 

What others have said about this training

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Break disrupting, old, negative patterns SO YOU CAN take back control of your life

An all-powerful and unique tool

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