Ultimate Release: Anger, Fear, and Guilt


This is a very special event about releasing everything that is in your way, releasing all that prevents you to be in your mission on this earth in this time…

We’ll focus on anger release including anger emotions—e.g. who you are angry with–clearing out anger genetics, tribal beliefs, the collective consciousness, and plugging you into the unconditional love. In this Activation we are clearing out: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Rejection and Pain. These are where we begin because they are the major physical stumbling blocks and hurdles that may be right in front of you and prevent you from even seeing who you are and who you can be.


Disconnect from everything in your way and release all that prevents you from being in your power and fulfilling your mission on earth at this time.


  • 1 MP3 – that you can put on any mobile device to listen anywhere
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase
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