*The Secrets of Egypt Webinar MP3 Replay



If you don’t already know it, I just recently returned from Egypt.

And as soon as I got back from Egypt, I just did this webinar and I’m so excited to offer you the replays–they’re ready to go right here.


Here’s what people are saying:

“Oh soooo good..grace and ease…yes. And Thank you for all these magic sharings. So much is happening right now – and I guess will continue through the night – mine starts now and i go to bed and let Horus do his/ its work. I am fascinated by the depth and the results.. thank you again.” ~Marie Tutsch“It was amazing, as usual.. “Can’t wait to get the link for the replay so I can do it again!”  ~Patricia Dancingelk Walls“Wow, I just want to say your shift since Egypt and your deep inner love is so so beautiful and powerful. The activations you brought through were amazing!!! Next day for me in Australia now but for me early start 4 am yesterday! I have a deep connection with Egypt but it had been blocked with what took place there for me. The wonderful revelations I am having today as the activations settle is I also am very connected to your Charlie and the central sun both have been very powerful for me without full understanding. That has changed now and I have shifted into a very profound knowing of an unlocking of the mystery of who I AM and who I AM becoming. Thank thank you, Tamra. You are amazing and I am sending you lots of love for a quick recovery.”  ~Namastay, Judy“Wow!!! That was incredible! I feel so filled and radiating with Divine Energy!”   ~Cindy Ambar

“Thank you! It’s 4:10 AM here in Manila and still feeling so energized after a long day.  Love you Tamra.”     ~Maria Teresa Garcia

Thank you so much Tamra. How powerful was that!!! I am integrating divinely & I am going through an incredible connection with Sekhmet I loved how much shifted. I wanted to share that I had a frozen shoulder since October & the pain has been excruciating. I have had a doctor, osteopathic & cranial treatment for months & yesterday I had a KCR session. When you were doing the prisoner of war deactivation the pain eased. It is funny as I was not wanting something to go & this activation allowed me to free myself. Thank you awesome & amazing you.”     ~Finn Goddard

…and many others here

Here’s what’s included:

1.    We cleared land curses and curses from other cultures times’ places, and space.
2.    We connected to the Tree of Life, fusing with Mother Earth Heart Chakra, all the way up to the central sun and through her own body which connects us to all of this.
3.    We disconnected from having to be a warrior for the whole world, freeing us to work on ourselves and our friends, family, and loved ones.
4.    Through Italy and France, I went to many churches and even the great pyramid, and I asked creator what he had for me–he told me nothing, but I had something for Him–I was to add back the Christ Consciousness into the sacred sites, as they were missing–be part of adding the Christ Consciousness activation into your favorite sacred sites.
5.    In Stonehenge, I received two new activations, one was a process of deactivating prisoners of war and deactivating the energy of having to be in jail.
6.   We walked through the Golden Gates of Heaven on Earth through Stonehenge.
7.    Integrating all of these activations and deactivations with ease and grace.

MORE activations included are:

  • Healing Power of Horus
  • Releasing the Curse of Moses
  • And much more…
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