The Dualism Webinar | The War Inside


There is so much when we talk about Dualism. The whole world is set up on separation. There is heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons too. Me v’s You is also a separation programme. There is no competition, the only competition is ourselves.

Activations Inculded;

Heaven and Hell activation; Heaven and hell are both fourth dimension, and that it’s all the same energy… it’s what we create when we leave our bodies (our meat suits). Whatever we believe heaven’s about, you probably get that. If you think you did something wrong in your life, then you get hell.

We are creating heaven and hell here on Earth right now. And the more we wake up and connect, the louder hell gets.

Lets clear the belief systems in heaven and hell by running this activation.

Angels and Demons activation; Angels and demons are both here to serve. Do you need to be attacked by a demon, or do you walk with angels? They’re Masters here serving in our video game. Think about that. What does that mean for you?


Good versus Evil activation; We’re all playing the game the best we know how. If we’re sucked into the programs and games of being an evil ass, that’s what we do, the best we know how. If you’re labelling people as good or bad or good or evil, it keeps you in the separation program. If you shift out of this belief system, you no longer need to create that separation.

You vs. Me activation; It’s also about success and not success, or competition. There’s no such thing as ‘you vs. me.’

There’s no competition… you are your own competition. Don’t give your power away to anyone else. Question everything.


Being Healthy or Being Sick; There are programs for both being healthy and being sick. Whether healthy or sick, all the programs are there for you to plug into. There are so many sickness programs that are always trying to seep into your energy field… ALWAYS.

Poor vs Rich activation;  Only one percent of the population holds the majority of the money, with about seventy percent being in poverty, which leaves about thirty percent in the middle… living in heaven and hell all in one. t’s JUST a program. Anybody can be wealthy, and being wealthy doesn’t mean you’ll be an ass because there are a lot of poor people who are the same. Again, it’s all a program.




Dualism activation: How else does dualism show up in your life? If you have opposite belief systems, you’re constantly running those opposite belief systems, and you’re unable to manifest and do what you want to do because you have two things going on… two belief systems that cancel each other out.


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