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Sacred Sexuality


The Sacred Sexuality activation brings two souls together to create love by merging their energies, bringing them to a higher level of understanding and love for one another. The inherent quality of this activation binds you with the knowledge of the ecstasy of the Creator’s love for you and all of humanity. Upon receiving this activation, it is advised that you enter a monogamous relationship, because of the bonds that will be created. This activation is not for those seeking a intense sexual experience.  If you’re single and have self-love, this will also help you call in the right “soul mate” as the essence of love within you will be heightened.  Don’t be surprised if you begin to attract many suitors. Just remember to take your time getting to know them and make sure they are for your highest and best good before engaging in love-making with anyone.


This activation will assist you in your ability to be in your heart and fully present while connecting with your partner.


  • 1 MP3 – that you can put on any mobile device to listen anywhere
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase
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