*Relationships Series


The Relationships Series:

This series focuses on all relationships- self, love, family and the universal connection

“Change hundreds of belief systems per activation”


This Relationships series includes:

1. Caste System Family This activation, releases you from genetic cultural, religious beliefs.  It lines you up to be a citizen of the universe and earth without judging yourself or others.

2. Karmic Loop- It has been said that things will keep coming around until it’s completed or done the “right” way. The karmic loop deactivation disconnects you from the literal “loop” of events and patterns that often occur when one needs to shift, but feels “stuck” and lacks clarity. This deactivation will bring it up and present it for clearing. It will enable you to see what you have been avoiding and clear it.

3. Yin Yang- This activation balances and aligns your male and female energies.

4. Soul mate- clears lifetime—beliefs, judgments, trauma and betrayal with your soul mates. It opens you to receive the right soul mate free of fear of the future with him or her.  It also clears the collective consciousness, religious beliefs and genetic beliefs about relationships with a soul mate. We have many soul mates, and this will allow you to align with the most supportive and nurturing one in this lifetime.

5. Are you a martyr?- Do you live your life for others? Are other people’s lives and emotions more important than your own? Were you taught to put others first? This activation is for you.

6. Playing it Small- Do you find yourself playing it small so others can feel comfortable around you? Are you afraid of your true power?  Do you work in jobs that do not use your full potential? Are you ready to be in your full power? This activation is for you.

7. Fruit of Life- activates the 13 chakra system and the fruit of life in sacred geometry.

8. Sacred Sexuality- This activation brings two souls together to create love by merging their energies, bringing them to a higher level of understanding and love for one another. The inherent quality of this activation binds you with the knowledge of the ecstasy of the Creator’s love for you and all of humanity. This activation is not for those seeking an intense sexual experience.  If you’re single and have self-love, this will also help you call in the right “soul mate” as the essence of love within you will be heightened.

9. Inner Child Reconnection– reclaims the pieces of your soul that was left in other lifetimes, galaxies and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left in that lifetime; reclaims your power from those lifetimes; and surfaces your foundational beliefs for clearing and reclamation of personal power.

10. Family Constellation- clears your anger, judgment, guilt, and hatred toward your family.  It gives you a true knowing of what a family’s love feels like.

11. Christ Consciousness Awareness– reconnects the two heart chakras, frees you of judgment enabling you to love yourself, and activates the Flower of Life.

12. Mother Mary- this activation enables you to form a better connection with Mother Earth and all the elements.

13. Sacred Heart- This Sacred heart activation completes the trilogy that started with The Christ Consciousness and Mother Mary Activations and prepares you to live and from the heart.  The Sacred Heart prepares you to really live in and from the heart.

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