Prosperity Series


The Prosperity Series:

This series focuses on Money, Prosperity and Abundance. Prepare to clear all blocks to your abundance and align with the Sacred Energies of plenty.

“Change hundreds of belief systems per activation”.


This series focuses on Money, Prosperity and Abundance. Prepare to clear all blocks to your abundance and align with the Sacred Energies of plenty.

1.    Anger, Guilt, and Fear:
This is a very special event about releasing everything that is in your way, releasing all that prevents you to be in your mission on this earth in this time…
We’ll focus on anger release including anger emotions—e.g. who you are angry with–clearing out anger genetics, tribal beliefs, the collective consciousness, and plugging you into the unconditional love. In this Activation we are clearing out: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Rejection and Pain. These are where we begin because they are the major physical stumbling blocks and hurdles that may be right in front of you and prevent you from even seeing who you are and who you can be.

2.    Are You Stuck?
If you haven’t changed over the last few years toward the positive…you are stuck.  Families not moving forward? People from Past Lives holding you back?  Are you procrastinating your life? Here’s your opportunity to release that stuck-ness, focusing on your core life to get to change.  Gaining abundance begins by admitting areas of your life which you can’t seem to pass through.

3.    Oaths, Values, Commitments, and Contracts
We’ll be clearing blood oaths that you may have made over your lifetime, including collective consciousness oaths, tribal and genetic consciousness oaths, vows or bargains that you have made which are in your past lives and are no longer necessary, and any other commitments and contracts which affect you—and keep you from seeing any money at end of the proverbial tunnel.

4.    Caste System – Money
If you were raised poor, perhaps you were raised with those “poor” beliefs that keep you from moving forward in making money. It is those belief systems about poor that keep you in that state.  In this activation, we’re going to clear those beliefs that will allow you to have other more profitable beliefs. This activation releases you from genetic cultural, religious beliefs of being too good or not good enough. It aligns you to be a citizen of the universe without judging yourself or others.  It allows you to align with your peers and feel good about yourself, no matter how you grew up.

5.    Collective Church
Here you’ll focus your energy on your genetics…whereupon your life is based. This activation frees you from the ancestral need to suffer for God. It clears trauma associated with past lives as monks or nuns.  It also clears the programs which tell you that it is forbidden for you to connect directly with God.  This activation will bring you a clearer connection with Creator.

6.    Debtor’s Prison
Fear about money is rampant around the country.  For those of us that are in “debt”, note that this belief is a collective consciousness-based issue and is definitely a past life issue. This activation releases you from the collective consciousness of being in debt and the religious consciousness of being in debt. It releases any trauma or belief systems of imprisonment for your debt or your family’s debt. A lot of people feel indebted to society, to the government, to work, to family and society as a whole. This activation releases you from all of it. This DE-activation will help you remove these energies, shifting your belief systems away from the debt mentality.  We don’t need to carry the debt that we believe we need…it is an abundant universe and the Christ consciousness overrides all else. You’ll see!

7.    Death and Taxes
So many people are afraid to make more money because they have to pay more taxes.  The fear is that the government will take your money.  This activation is about disconnecting you from the collective consciousness, your genetics, and church beliefs so you can really be in your power so that you can make money and enjoy your life, free of having to give it all away to the government.  Wouldn’t you love to pay $2 million in taxes?

8.    Fear of Authority
Men in uniform brings up great fear in many people. This fear is a huge group consciousness.  This activation clears that huge belief that authority figures are more powerful than you; through your genetics, this life and past lives, so that you can see through their so-called power and treat them as peers, which lets you communicate with them and not look up to them nor look down upon them, without being in fear.  Regardless of the uniform they’re wearing, it’s important to see them as they are just doing their job and you can treat them with respect.   This activation will clear all levels.

9.    Money Gene
This from the Laws of Abundance: This session activates the Money Gene, and codes which are  brought in by the Laws of Abundance, connecting you to the 5th dimension of unconditional love and abundance. Plug in and watch your life change.

10.    Creative Gene
This is the introduction into plugging into the 5th dimensional grid system—unconditional love and abundance, and creativity and manifestation.  This is the Christ Consciousness, Abundance, and Peace.  What this means for you is that you can manifest your desires with much greater power, and great things will happen for you much, much faster.  You’ll be able to delete negative aspects of your life faster.

11.    Disappointment Release
Disappointment is sad.  But what most people don’t understand is that disappointment is a mirror—reflecting the time(s) we disappointed others, or BELIEVE we disappointed others, and may not understand nor acknowledge that. This applies to those times when we received money that we never repaid, and money that we gave others for which we never were repaid.

12.    Collective Wound Release
This activation will release and disconnect you from the need that you need to suffer to survive (including making money), or the belief that survival is a struggle, which is a collective consciousness belief along with a past lives, genetics and core beliefs and keeps you from abundance .  This activation will disconnect you from all of that.

13.    Release from Government Assistance
We all have friends who receive government assistance. These people won’t or can’t heal because if they heal they’ll no longer receive government assistance.  It becomes a vicious circle, because if you heal, you’ll no longer have the assistance and if you stay sick you’ll be taken care of (but out of power and money).  Everybody does the best they can.  This will help you get Unstuck regardless of which side of the situation you are on (being in the situation or judging others in the situation).

14.    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Many more people have PTSD than you might think of.  There are many sources of it.  It’s important to release that to achieve better health (and not be fearful about making money). We can plug into the “video game” and play those fears the way we are normally attracted to…or not.  This activation will help you disconnect from those traumas in your life.

15.    Karmic Loop De-activation
People repeat patterns which are debilitating…those odd loops go on and on…we repeat bad patterns over and over expecting different results…but they never come.  This de-activation will help you break those patterns so that you can feel free and back in control.

16.    Are You a Martyr?
Martyrs put everyone first. They do not take care of themselves because they are too busy taking care of others. Being a martyr is not healthy for you, for your family, friends, or the environment.  It is in fact quite destructive to everyone. We will be going through your core life, past lives, genetic life and through the collective consciousness to disconnect you from those. We will focus on your emotions, thoughts and feelings on being a martyr.

17.    Polar Opposite
Polar Opposite allows new pathways of unconditional love to replace the negative pathways in the brain. We’ll focus on those things that are constantly running in the background, much like a bad virus, that just keeps trying to run, over and over, which stops you from achieving clarity and calmness and money.

18.    Overwhelm
Many people are in overwhelm. Are you in overwhelm? Overwhelm in your family, your finances, your job, your house, your health, your children.  Here we are going to clear your core life, through your genetics, through your tribal beliefs, thereby clearing you out of the collective consciousness of being overwhelmed. If you get out of overwhelm, money will just naturally flow in.

19.     Playing it Small
Do you find yourself playing it small so others can feel comfortable around you? Are you afraid of your true power?  Do you work in jobs that do not use your full potential? Are you ready to be in your full power and full creativity? Here’s an activation that will free you from your “box” and open you up to the REAL you.

20.    Get in the Vortex
Get into those feelings that will create your desired life. Abundance is an energy that we can plug into. This activation is to be used continuously to align with the energy of creation. During this activation we plug into the collective consciousness of abundance. It also places neuron lines of positive energy in your brain. This is the last stage of clearing in this prosperity series.

  1. Millionaire Vibration

What does it take to be a Millionaire?  The Universe is all energy.  All you need is to step into that vibration of money.  This activation activates the energy of money and abundance.

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