Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Release


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Release Activation clears the emotional illness and anxiety disorder which usually develops as a result of extreme fright or a life-threatening event.  There are many people that are stuck in the emotions from traumas that happened to them in their lives (or even a past life).


This activation clears the emotions and anxiety around traumatic events. It will also clear past life PTSD.

Many more people have PTSD than you might think of.  There are many sources of it.  It’s important to release that to achieve better health (and not be fearful about making money). We can plug into the “video game” and play those fears the way we are normally attracted to…or not.  This activation will help you disconnect from those traumas in your life.

And this includes those traumas from those memories that you might not even be aware of that are still running in the back of your mind, controlling you and keeping you in constant fear.  I believe this activation is for most people (as I do not know anybody that has had zero traumas in their lifetime. This activation will allow you to release all those traumas, from group and religious consciousness, and even the culture at large.


  • 1 MP3 – that you can put on any mobile device to listen anywhere
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase
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