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Physical Boundary Trauma Webinar


A Sacred Healing Masterclass for wounded inner child and adult trauma survivors

Find freedom from pain, shame, self-blame, and other difficult emotions caused by non-consensual acts that shatter your sense of security.

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This heart-centered CHANNELED LIVE HEALING EVENT is designed to release “physical boundary” trauma trapped in the bodyheal emotional and psychological trauma wounds, and help trauma survivors find the healing, peace, and security they deserve.

During the session, you’re going to receive energy Activations and Deactivations directly from Source God Energy to help you:

*** While the sacred Activations and Deactivations that will be channeled for this session are intended for traumas stemming from “non-consensual intimate acts”, survivors from any kind of traumas and abuse can also greatly benefit from this healing session.

Activations/Deactivations included but not limited to:

  • Inner Child Trauma Release
  • Regrets Deactivation
  • Guilt and Shame Deactivation
  • Hatred and Blame Deactivation
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Not Your Doormat
  • Self-Love
  • Self- Acceptance

PLEASE NOTE all events facilitated by Tamra Oviatt are channeled events, powered by Source God Energy. What we tell you here is just a 10% overview of the actual magic that you will experience during the LIVE SESSION.

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