Oppression of Women Worldwide


In this activation we will release the energy of the need to oppress women worldwide.

This activation comes with 2 other activations, the Introduction to World Peace and a bonus, the Buddha Compassion.


There is much collective consciousness energy working to keep the women “down” in order to keep them powerless. I have found that, worldwide, cultures look at women as objects, as slaves, and possessions. Many women around the world are being circumcised in the world today. Their children are being sold or discarded because they were born female. There are women that have to wear black robes over their faces to keep themselves covered. There are women that are stoned to death because they had sex. It is time for men and women to honor and love each other, knowing that we’re all both equal and knowing we are here to support each other. In this activation, we will release the energy of the need to oppress women worldwide.  We will also be bringing in the energy of Feminine.


3 MP3’s – that you can put on any mobile device to listen anywhere

  • Introduction to World Peace
  • Oppression of Women Worldwide
  • Bonus: Buddha Compassions
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase
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