Mother Earth


The Mother Earth connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home: Mother Earth.  It helps ground you and centers you in the knowing that we are all connected;  it connects you to the fairies, trees, flowers and water, and brings you closer to our animal friends. To connect to your Higher Self, it’s important to first connect to Mother Earth.


This will ground and connect you into the heart of Mother Earth, allowing you to feel her abundant love. It will strengthen your ability to communicate with the natural elements of this wonderful planet, with animals and with elemental beings, such as fairies. It will allow you to feel the unity of all that exists in our realm and to be more fully present in your body while also connecting to your Higher-Self.


  • mp3_file1 MP3 – that you can put on any mobile device to listen anywhere
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase
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