Meet Your Unicorn and Dragons with a Guided Meditation Webinar


In this pre-recorded reply guided meditation webinar, Tamra will take you into the Akashic records where you will be able to connect with your unicorn and your dragon, even your mermaids, fairies, and elves! This product has multiple videos and audio.

In this webainr we are going to:

  • Take the elevator up into the Akashic records,
  • Receive some activations (listed below)
  • Meet and communicate with our Unicorns and Dragons.
  • Receive some messages
  • Learn what The Dragon¬† represents,
  • Learn what the Unicorn Represents,
  • Learn how to combine the two enegiers.
  • You will get ride on your Unicirn/Dragon.
  • You can use this anytime you want to talk to your Unicorn or Dragons,
  • You can also ask them for help and assistance.


Activations included but not limited to:


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