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Mastering the Master Practitioners Training Level 3 (UPGRADE)


Offer is available until July 19

For Master Practitioners who are eagerly excited to delve deeper into Sacred Activations and bring more power and potency into their healing work.

In this training, you will receive an upgraded set of more than 350 Golden Seals that will allow you to evolve far beyond your current level and connect more profoundly to the powerhouse of the universe.


Course Content

♥ Receive more than 300 Golden Seals for Master Practitioner: This will allow you to give all of the existing Activations and run multiple Activations in a group setting.
♥ Learn how to remove yourself from the energies when giving Activations to the group.
♥ Learn more about metaprogramming and the human operating system.
♥ Learn how to unplug from the matrix or from the collective consciousness.
♥ Learn the process of the Pillar of Light: This is a powerful tool to release any unhealthy hooks, chains, or cords and clear dark energies from your energy field, as well as your clients’.
♥ A guided meditation into the planet’s grid system with Galactic Federation Activation.
♥ Receive tons of high-vibrational Activations.
And more.

Activations included but not limited to:

√ Master Communication Consciousness Activation
√ Solar Flares of Awareness
√ Through Heaven’s Gate
√ Alchemy of the 10th, 11th, and 12th Dimension
√ Alchemy of your Life
√ Archetype Activation
√ The Fountain of Wisdom
√ Healers Power
√ Rise of the Phoenix
√ The 13 Petals of the Heart
√ The Eye of God
√ The Magic of You
√ DMT Activation

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