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Master Practitioner and Mastering the Masters Level 2&3 (Bryan)

$184.00 / month for 12 months

$50 signup fee
$179 monthly for 12 months


Course Content

♥ Receive more than 1300 Golden Seals for Master and Mastering Practitioner: This will allow you to give all of the existing Activations and run multiple Activations in a group setting.
♥ Learn how to remove yourself from the energies when giving Activations to the group.
♥ Learn more about metaprogramming and the human operating system.
♥ Learn how to unplug from the matrix or from the collective consciousness.
♥ Learn the process of the Pillar of Light: This is a powerful tool to release any unhealthy hooks, chains, or cords and clear dark energies from your energy field, as well as your clients’.
♥ A guided meditation into the planet’s grid system with Galactic Federation Activation.
♥ Receive tons of high-vibrational Activations.
And more.

Activations included but not limited to:

√ Master Communication Consciousness Activation
√ Solar Flares of Awareness
√ Through Heaven’s Gate
√ Alchemy of the 10th, 11th, and 12th Dimension
√ Alchemy of your Life
√ Archetype Activation
√ The Fountain of Wisdom
√ Healers Power
√ Rise of the Phoenix
√ The 13 Petals of the Heart
√ The Eye of God
√ The Magic of You
√ DMT Activation

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