Love Yourself Webinar


This webinar is all about Love – For yourself and others. Tamra talks about relationships, connections, love and her recent journey.

How do we show up if we don’t love ourselves? How do we allow someone into our lives if we don’t love ourselves? Do you love yourself like a new born baby… like a precious kitten or a puppy? Do you love all of your body parts? Do you love the way you look… the way you feel… the way the world sees you? How do you feel about the way the world sees you… what they reflect to you? How they judge you? How does that make you feel? Do you care? And if you care you’re not loving yourself.

5 Activations – Included;

  • Not Your Door Mat,
  • Self Sacrifice,
  • Crucifixion,
  • Self Love
  • Running Away From Your Emotions,

1 Guided Meditation – I Am A Big Deal

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