Kingdom of God


The Kingdom of God is not out there somewhere. It is right here in your heart, touch your heart. This is the kingdom of God.

Right here, and if you’re not totally completely honouring yourself and putting yourself first as the Kingdom of God, you’re creating “blasphemy.” Isn’t that taught differently? Isn’t it if you’re selfish and focus on you, that’s horrible. Isn’t that what you’re taught? That you got to put your power out there? That’s a sidetrack! Power is in here. It’s not out there. It’s not in me. Not that statue. It’s not that icon that was here a million years ago or 1000 years ago, it is here now inside of you. That’s the Kingdom of God. So whatever is standing in your way of knowing you are the Kingdom of God. Let’s erase all those programmes now.

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