JAPAN: Practitioners Training

$750.00 or $275.00 / month for 3 months


  • This Practitioner’s Training Level 1 is conducted LIVE ONLINE in Local Tokyo Japan Time.
  • A real-time English-Japanese Translator is present in this class.
  • Access to the Zoom links will be emailed out 3 days before the class date.
  • There’s no information about how many English-speaking participants will be there.


March 11/12
8:30am-13:30pm Japan time

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Course Content

♥ Learn what Sacred Activations modality is and how it works.
♥ Receive 30 Golden Seals: This will connect you to the source of Sacred Activations and allow you to run the sacred energies on others.
♥ A guided meditation to the Central Sun and to the Eye of God.
♥ Learn how to properly run Sacred Activations on yourself and on your clients.
♥ Receive the foundation Activations and learn how they can shift you.
And more.

Activations included but not limited to:

√ Lord Metatron
√ Moses Code/Tree of Life
√ Lord Metatron
√ Avebury/Stonehenge
√ Bleeding Heart
√ Are You a Martyr?
√ Christ Consciousness/Flower of Life
√ Super DNA
√ Mother Earth
√ Mother Mary
√ Family Constellations
√ Inner Child
√ Fruit of Life
√ Addiction Redirection
√ Planetary Alignment
√ Polar Opposites
√ Anger and Resentment Towards God
√ Spiritual Ego Release
√ Soulmates
√ Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension
√ Heaven on Earth
√ Collective Church
√ Sacred Power
√ Life’s Grid
√ Original Light Language
√ Make your Ego your Amigo
√ Timelines and Parallel Universes
√ Victim/Victimizer
√ Confidence


March 11/12
8:30am-13:30pm Japan time

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