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Hosting Fee: Practitioner’s Training In-Person Glastonbury, England

$300.00 or $385.00 / month for 3 months

Training fee $750
In-person pay $300 hosting fee

12 month Payment ($597 + 10%) early bird price
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  • You’ll receive the 30 Sacred Golden Seals and you’ll have the CODES, ABILITIES, and KNOWLEDGE you need to channel the first 30 Sacred Geometry and Foundation Activations.
  • You’ll ACQUIRE the high skills to rewrite your DNA, BELIEF SYSTEMS, BLUEPRINTS, AND TIMELINES.
  • You’ll ACTIVATE Sacred Geometry within your energy bodies to HOLD 5D Frequencies and ACCELERATE your healing and manifestation.
  • You’ll experience IMMERSIVE MULTIPLE PRACTICE SESSIONS with new students and old practitioners.
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