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Holiday Blues Webinar


This timely holiday session includes many Activations, all based on the topics of Families, Food and Self Care around the holidays.

This specially timed and themed webinar is loaded with the Activations you need this holiday season. I even included Decativiations to help you at this time of the year. All are focused on Families, Food and importantly Self Care.

The following Activations and Deactiviations are included!

  1. Family Constellations
  2. Caste System Family
  3. Family Drama
  4. Family Curses and Karma
  5. I’m A Good Parent
  6. I’m A Good Brother and Sister
  7. Healthy Boundaries
  8. Not Your Doormat
  9. Good Son and Daughter
  10. Anger and Resentment Towards Family
  11. Guilt
  12. Shame
  13. Black Sheep
  14. Yin and Yang
  15. Judgment Towards Men (also goes to judgment towards women)
  16. Godspeed
  17. Everyone Is Family
  18. I Belong – I Am Part of this Family
  19. Codependent (Parent, child, cousin, mate)
  20. Food and Family
  21. Wine and Family
  22. Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus
  23. It’s Safe To Shine Your Light
  24. Family Traumas
  25. Addiction Redirection
  26. Food Choices with the Family
  27. Overwhelm
  28. Defragmentation
  29. Childhood Sadness
  30. Feeling Separate
  31. Not Good Enough
  32. Compassion
  33. Understanding
  34. These Fucking People Are Stupid. Get Me Out of Here.
  35. Original Light Language
  36. Spiritual Ego
  37. Selfish
  38. Open Heart
  39. Total Forgiveness
  40. Family Gossip
  41. Family Zero to Seven
  42. Self Judgment
  43. Self Acceptance
  44. Taking Care of Yourself


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