Empowered Healers – Bundle


A 6-week program designed to FREE you from the belief systems, fears, resistance, and old limiting paradigm that stop you from showing up with your power and reaching deep personal achievement that is unique to you


The Empowered Healers Program is a 6-week Masterclass replay series facilitated by Tamra Oviatt, founder of Sacred Activations. This is created for EVERYONE who is ready to shine, ready to share their gifts and talents to the world, and ready to succeed in their life’s calling. This is created with an aim to help you step forward and upward into your power to self-create and co-create the new paradigm of self-expression, money, and power, so you’ll be living your life with abundance, freedom, and accomplishment while doing what you are called and meant to do. 

Each week, you will receive Activations and De- activations (subconscious reprogramming) that will release you from the belief systems, mindsets, conditioning, fears, deadbeat energies, dramas, and self-imposed barriers that block your authenticity, prosperity, creative self-expression, and unique potential. As you progress, you will learn to trust your gifts and talents and to be more confident in your ability to prosper, flourish, and succeed in your personal calling, in your business, or in any endeavor you are called to do. 

By the end of the program, you will be more empowered and inspired to show up, put yourself out there, and own your unique magnificence. You will be more empowered to contribute meaning and difference to humanity and the planet with the gifts and talents that only YOU possess. You will be fully connected to your own truth and purpose, believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH AND UNLIMITED, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. 

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