Empowered Healer - Week 6


Sixth Week of Empowered Healers  Series
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  • Activating Yin and Yang to balance and align your male and female energies;
  • Activating the energy to self-nurture;
  • Releasing money dramas and the struggles of staying in abundance;
  • Releasing the old paradigm about money in the healing community and releasing the beliefs that spirituality and business should never go side by side;
  • De- activating obstacles to financial success and prosperity and releasing money and manifestation blocks;
  • Releasing the need and attachment to go down to where you’ve been, so you will just keep on moving forward and upward;
  • Releasing the need to fit in and be normal, so you just focus on shining your light, standing out in your uniqueness, and be authentically YOU;
  • Learning how to activate your Pillar of Light;
  • Clearing out your weakest link to protect your energy field from the people attacking you with hate, anger, or other lower energies; and
  • Bringing in your ego and your highest self into Oneness to always guide you towards your highest good.
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