Empowered Healer - Week 4


Fourth Week of Empowered Healers  Series
For more information, read the description below.

  • Disconnecting from disease consciousness and opening your 13 Chakras to release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in your energy flow;
  • Activating up to 18 Strands of your DNA;
  • Activating your psychic abilities to be able to read and discern the people you’re working with;
  • Ultimate release of oaths, vows, contracts, and commitments that are hindering you in this new paradigm of inner freedom, inner peace, self-expression, and personal boundaries;
  • Releasing your spiritual ego so you don’t feel responsible for the results that your clients receive;
  • Activating Illumination so you will be able to remember your past lives and see your future lives;
  • Activating the Alchemy of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimensions;
  • Clearing out those beliefs, fears, or energies that keep you from going with the flow; and
  • A guided meditation to find your Higher Purpose, to find what you are here for, by connecting with your guides, angels, masters, or passed on loved ones.
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