Empowered Healer - Week 3


Third Week of Empowered Healers  Series
For more information, read the description below.

  • Activating discernment, trust, and loyalty;
  • Activating your ability to create, build, and maintain healthy boundaries;
  • Activating belief systems of being valued, being able to stand out, being able to excel in the work you choose to do;
  • Activating defragmentation, clarity, and focus;
  • Activating self-management ability;
  • De- activating avoidance of truth and the ancient fear of seeing the truth;
  • De- activating the need to be responsible for people whom you’re doing business with;
  • De- activating suffering, lack, and struggles in your business endeavor;
  • De- activating self-sabotaging behaviors and victim mentality;
  • De- activating any religious belief systems that don’t resonate with your own truth, with your calling, or with your business; and
  • A guided meditation on allowing yourself to be seen, to be recognized, and to be applauded in your creations, in your life’s work, in your business.
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