Empowered Healer - Week 2


Second Week of Empowered Healers  Series
For more information, read the description below.

  • De- activating your anger, resentment, and fear of being here on the planet;
  • De- activating your fear of showing up, fear of being in the spotlight, fear of being not “good enough” and “unqualified” in your chosen field;
  • De- activating your fear mechanisms of being criticized, judged, rejected, or shunned by your families, peers, and other people for your creative and healing work;
  • De – activating your need to compete with and compare yourself to other people in your field;
  • De – activating imposter syndrome, perfectionism, overthinking, self-doubt, personal incompetence, or worries about measuring up to expectations and standards; and
  • Activating your Sacred Blueprint and Sacred Power.
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